May 2018 Short Talk Bulletin Available for Download

The May issue of the Short Talk Bulletin is being made available to you digitally in the hope you will distribute it as widely as possible.

Armed Forces Day is May 19 and since the Masonic Service Association is so involved with Veterans Hospitals and Homes, we thought it would be appropriate that everyone realize the history and breadth of Veterans services.

Of course, hard copies are in the mail to subscribers and recipients.



MSA is Taking Orders Now for the Reprint of Volume I of the Bound Edition of Short Talk Bulletins!

A limited reprinting of Volume I of the Short Talk Bulletins Bound Edition, 1923-1937 with an expected shipment date of late Spring 2018 can be ordered here. The reprinting will be available in only the Master Mason edition.

This reprinting of Volume I is being re-edited by esteemed Masonic Scholar, Brother S. Brent Morris. and will include newly discovered information about the Masonic authors of the first decade of Short Talk Bulletins. The new reprinting will also match the same distinctive blue cover found on previous volumes.

The Short Talk Bulletin has been described as the “Widest Distributed Masonic Publication in the World.” The monthly Bulletin is mailed to every Masonic lodge and Grand Lodge officer in the United States and Canada whose Grand Lodge is a member of the Masonic Service Association of North America. MSA also mails the Bulletin to lodges of the United Grand Lodge of Germany and the York Grand Lodge of Mexico.

Each year since 2013, MSA has published a new volume, usually spanning fifteen years beginning with the initial Volume I. Volume V, released in 2017, covered 1983-2002. Sales of the republication of Volume I will be limited to those who have already ordered at least two prior volumes, or who place orders for two volumes or more in addition to Volume I. Pricing for Volume I is $75 plus $8 shipping and handling. The other volumes have been reduced to this price for a limited time.

Order Form for Volume I Reprint

For those who don't want to order the Volume I Reprint of the Short Talk Bulletins online, an order form can be downloaded and printed out.

Click here for the form. 

Masonic Service Association Partners with Amity

For many Masons, finding a lodge in another jurisdiction, either state, province, or country, has been a struggle. The Amity mobile app, by Copiri (, was created so any sojourning brother can register and find lodges throughout the world. While still in its infancy, the Amity mobile app is being recognized as a welcome companion to the “List of Lodges - Masonic” published by Pantograph Printing and Stationary Company of Bloomington, Illinois. The “List of Lodges - Masonic” is usually kept at every lodge secretary’s desk for use to validate the recognition dilema faced when a brother who cannot be vouched for attempts to visit a Masonic lodge.

The Amity mobile app is free to install from either the Apple Store for iPhone, or Google Play Store for the Android platform. It allows a search for lodges by city in nearly every country. Once the lodge is found, the user can check if the lodge has been registered with Amity, or the Master or secretary, and if notes have been entered about the lodge. As the developers say, their purpose is to help brothers connect with each other.

The hope is that brothers who want to travel and find lodges outside of their usual borders will download the mobile app. They would then be able to find a lodge, and be able to show their Grand Lodge is recognized by the Grand Lodge they visit. A guest would even be able to “sign in” to the secretary, much as they would with a guest book.

Over 33,000 Masonic lodges and over 250 Grand Lodges around the world are listed. Registered users are spread across 47 states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and in 27 countries.

The Masonic Service Association’s Short Talk Bulletin will also have a presence on Amity’s mobile app. The MSA logo will lead to a location where a Short Talk Bulletin is displayed. A past Short Talk Bulletin will be available on every registered user’s phone to read, and the issue will rotate monthly, free of charge. A year’s subscription to the Short Talk Bulletin will be available for the mobile app. The subscription will also show the past twelve Short Talk Bulletins, again, rotating through the year.

MSA’s Short Talk Bulletin is recognized as the widest distributed Masonic publication in the world. It is printed and sent to member Grand Lodges and their lodges, as well as every Grand Lodge officer and Past Grand Master. The wide ranging topics are meant to be read at a lodge meeting for just a few minutes, thus, the “Short Talk.” Now, with the Amity mobile app, a Bulletin will be available at every meeting.

The goal of this partnership is to expand the reach of each organization through the use of the other’s existing processes. By implementing such a partnership carefully, both the MSA and Amity can impact global Freemasonry in a positive way.

Your Grand Lodge is always the final authority on questions of inter-jurisdictional recognition. When in doubt, consult your Grand Secretary for a final opinion.

And, as our friends at Amity say, "travel... safely."

Regius & Friends – Oldest Masonic Document, Plus Companion Manuscripts, Now Available

Regius packageThe Regius Poem, believed to be the oldest surviving Masonic document, is considered to be one of the "Old Charges" – that is, a description of the requirements to be a Freemason.

 There are other ancient manuscripts and documents, which also fall into the category of "Old Charges."

The archives of the Masonic Service Association contain descriptions, insights and commentary about at least four of these historic documents.  They are:

  • The Regius Poem (Halliwell Manuscript), circa 1390
  • The William T. Boyden Manuscript, circa 1700
  • The Shadwell-Cameron Manuscript, circa 1700
  • The Thomas Carmick Manuscript, circa 1727

For those who want to learn more about some of the earliest historical documents about Freemasonry, MSA has assembled of packet from its archived material.

The Packet includes 2 Digests, 2 historical Short Talk Bulletins, and 2 copies of other saved documents from MSA's archives, all of which try to explain and translate what our Masonic forefathers considered important.

These items, if obtained individually from MSA, would cost $21.  Together in the special offer, they are available for $15, including shipping and handling.

Those interested can send a $15 check for each packet to the MSA Office, using the order code #SPRP.  Or, they can be obtained at MSA's website – -- using a credit card.

Supplies are limited.


MSA Publications Now at the Online Store

The contents of the MSA Publications Catalog are now online and ordering takes only a couple of steps. There is a minimum online order of $12, not including shipping.

MSA's Online Store may be used for ordering these items using a credit card.




Puerto Rico Hurricane Disaster Appeal

The devastation that two hurricanes caused in Puerto Rico, particularly Hurricane Maria, is by now well known. With 95% of the island without electricity or communication, and 50% without drinking water, it will take months to recover, but they are in need of help now.

Grand Master Raúl Rodríguez Quiles has contacted the Masonic Service Association of North America asking for help for the brethren of his jurisdiction by issuing a Disaster Relief Appeal.

As Masons across the country have contributed so much to MSA for Texas and Florida, we must again ask the greater Masonic community to try their best to do more. Every dollar sent to MSA will go the affected jurisdiction. Nothing will be deducted for administration, bookkeeping, thank you letters, or PayPal expenses. As with the two previous ongoing appeals, this third appeal for the Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico will help them aid and assist their distressed brothers, families, and lodges.

When you are asked, why? You can proudly answer, "Because that's what Masons do!"

Donations can be made online at Puerto Rico Hurricane Disaster Appeal

Florida Hurricane Disaster Appeal Has Ended

Grand Master Richard G. Hoover of the Grand Lodge of Florida has requested MSA's Disaster Relief Appeal for Florida end. He is greatly appreciative of the tremendous response to the Appeal and grateful for the donations received by the Grand Lodge.

The Masonic Service Association of North America will continue to collect and distribute funds to the Grand Lodge of Florida, but will no longer promote the Appeal.

Grand Master Tommy F. Chapman of the Grand Lodge of Texas is overwhelmed by the outpouring of assistance given to the brethren and families affected by Hurrican Harvey last Fall. The time has come to end this Disaster Relief Appeal. He gives his sincere thanks and the thanks of the entire Grand Lodge.

The Masonic Service Association of North America will continue to collect and distribute funds to the Grand Lodge of Texas, but will no longer promote the Appeal.


We were asked if any of your donation to a disaster appeal is deducted by MSA for administrative expense, say 10%, and the answer is "No." All expenses, charges by PayPal, bookkeeping, or cost of thank you letters, everything, is absorbed by MSA in its operating budget. The entire gross donation will be sent to the affected jurisdiction. That's the way it's always been, and that's the way it will continue.

The Green Envelope Appeal raises funds for the Hospital Visitation Program - donate now!

McWain altar width=

Brother James T. McWain is a retired Army colonel and also a Past Grand Master of Connecticut.

See what the MSA Hospital Visitation Program means to him.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Online Store

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MSA is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.


Masonic Mentoring BrochureNEW!  Masonic Mentoring Guidelines In Clear, Helpful Language

A great, new brochure has been published by the Masonic Service Association that, in simple, understandable words, establishes a sound mentoring program for any Lodge.

Masonic Mentoring explains:

  • Who should be a mentor,
  • What a mentor does,
  • What new members expect, and
  • Tips for being successful.

It is perfect to assist any Lodge candidate-counseling program, or any new member orientation effort.  It is good for members of a candidate committee, or for any individual who may be working with a new member.

Thanks to Bert Bouma, of Montana, author, and to the Grand Lodge of Montana, for permission to republish this material.

You may order Masonic Mentoring now at our Online Store.


Audio Online LibraryAudio Online Library Goes to Maine District Education Officers

Congratulations to the Grand Lodge of Maine, which has obtained subscriptions to the Masonic Service Association's "Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library" for its District Education Officers, to share this resource with members in their districts. MSA has been working with Brother Michael Smith, of Maine, and Anaba Publishing to provide subscribers with the monthly Short Talk Bulletin as a spoken audio file, in addition to access to a growing collection of historical Short Talks in audio version. 

For details, go directly to  (The letter in the middle is the lower case letter l ("L".)

Audio Subscription for Short Talk Bulletin Now Available

A new style of subscription for the Short Talk Bulletin, is now available for those who may be visually impaired or just prefer an audio version.

By subscribing to the Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library, every month you will receive the current Short Talk Bulletin as a spoken audio file.

The Masonic Service Association is working with Brother Michael Smith, of Freeport, ME, and Anaba Publishing, who recently published an audio book of MSA Short Talks from many years ago.

The subscription fee for the special audio Short Talk is $20 per year.  For more information, go to the Online Audio Library for information on how to subscribe.

The subscription also provides notification of the growing collection of historical Short Talks, as audio versions are produced.


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