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Part IV – Time to Energize Masonry

“What is a man without energy? Nothing. Nothing at all.” —Mark Twain

• Take action now

  1. Beginning at the lodge level, plan meaningful activities that put Masonic values into action. Consider how you and your lodge can make each and every activity uniquely Masonic. Listed below are just a few suggestions that place a focus on using your time to its greatest Masonic advantage:
  2. Apply concepts of education and self-improvement to current print and non-print communications tools of individual lodges, Grand Lodges, and national Masonic organizations and societies.
  3. Improve the environment of lodge-based fellowship; refresh the look of the lodge; welcome new members; improve presentation skills; provide mentoring to study degrees; and strengthen communications skills.
  4. Organize group activities based on education and self-improvement that can enrich lodge-centered fellowship such as: welcoming committees, lodge renovation and clean-up campaigns, leadership development conferences, mentor meetings, workshops on such things as Masonic ritual, history, symbolism, architectural works, arts and cultural works.
  5. Initiate workshops on personal growth topics. Learn more about Masonry.
  6. Call on local educational faculty: expert lecturers on topics of unique interest to the lodge members that enrich the body, mind, and spirit of the brothers.
  7. Tap the talents of individual members and build a community of experts to help Masons to help themselves and their communities.
  8. Improve community accessibility to Masonry through public outreach and program hosting.
  9. Offer Masonic recognition and incentive programs for educational initiatives, visitor programs and Chambers of Commerce presentations.
  10. Honor the Mason within yourself.
  11. Share success stories with other lodges.

• Move Masonry into the 21st century

Our initial focus for our public awareness campaign requires imagination, open-mindedness, and discipline—the discipline to say “Yes.” Put aside old habits of saying simply, “Ah, that’s been tried.” Or “Yes, but....” Cast off negativism. Turn the objection around to a challenge. Encourage and reward open and positive communication throughout each stage of change. Share ideas and ask yourself to take ownership of transforming the identity of Masonry through each and every action, regardless of how small. Make it the fraternity that you want—brother by brother, lodge by lodge.

• Make the commitment now for the future

Our Task Force enthusiastically offers this report and our support to help move Masonry into the 21st century, upholding the honor of membership and the joy of a Masonic way of life. It’s about time for us to take the concept of Masonry off the shelf and put the values of Masonry into action.

As we go forward moving Masonry into the 21st century by improving our lodges, personal Masonic skills, and community visibility, there will come a time when financial investments will be needed to support continued growth and public awareness.

Through this progress report, the MIC has shared with you our vision about Freemasonry. We felt it was absolutely critical that we examine our fraternity’s past in order to properly understand our current needs. This was only the first step.

• Call to action

Now, we must move forward both individually and fraternally. We encourage you to think carefully about how you invest your time, which is everyone’s most valuable asset, and we ask that you use your time on programs and actions that are uniquely Masonic. As we work together, we must ask each other how a program, a meeting, or an event improves and demonstrates our experience of being a Mason. We have not a moment to lose.

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