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Cover of BrochureA Response to Critics of Freemasonry

A brochure responding to several of the alleged points of conflict between Freemasonry and Christian theology.



Cover of BrochureFacts About Freemasonry

Brochure answering many of the most frequently asked questions about the Fraternity.



Cover of Brochure

Who are the Masons

An attractive easy to read introduction to Freemasonry.




Cover of Brochure Cornerstones: A Masonic Tradition of Dedication ... That Makes Sense Today

Jim Tresner prepared a brochure for the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma titled Cornerstones. From that original brochure (edited for general use) the Masonic Information Center was given permission to publish this booklet. 

Cover of BrochureMedia Guidelines

12 page, two color booklet designed to assist preparing submissions to the print media; guidelines for approaching the electronic media; and how to develop a lodge website.

Cover of BrochureThere is No Sin in Symbols

16 page booklet showing pictures and explanations of symbols used in everyday life and symbols used by Masons and Masonic-related organizations with explanations about their origin and meaning.

Cover of BrochureWhat's a Mason?

16 page booklet describing the Masonic Fraternity and its purposes. Explains what happens in Lodge meetings and answers many frequently asked questions about the Fraternity.



Cover of Is It True What They SayIs it True What they Say about Freemasonry?

by Art deHoyos and S. Brent Morris (forward and addendum by Jim Tresner). A response to some of the more virulent anti-Masons, this book takes on several of Masonry's critics and refutes their charges. For example, Albert Pike and the "Luciferian" doctrine; James Dayton Shaw's "expose" of Freemasonry; Ron Carlson's lectures on the "Evils of Freemasonry" - are all discussed and refuted on a point-by-point basis.

The 1997 Second Edition is updated with 100 pages of new material added.

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