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Emessay Notes April  2004

Operation Phone Home

Last month our readers were made aware of a new program called Operation Phone Home. This program is designed to give prepaid 100 minute International Phone Calling cards to our military personnel serving overseas, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. MSA, acting on behalf of the Masonic fraternity has partnered with the USO to participate in Operation Phone Home.

A new web site has been created- - so that anyone who receives a phone card, or becomes aware of the program will have a source of information about Freemasonry. We hope you will visit the site and give us your comments.

Invisible Lodge

When is the Invisible Lodge not invisible? The answer appears to be August 12, 13 & 14 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The IL just celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2003. Now, in 2004, it will hold its first stand alone Convention. Last year it had better than a dozen meetings piggy-backed on other major Conventions in and out of the Continental U.S.

This convention is open to all Magical and Masonic enthusiasts and the attendees will have the opportunity to magish with their peers and to rub shoulders with some of the greatest in the magic business who have Masonic ties. The accomplishments of those named are legendary. It is true that some of the greatest magical entertainers have been Masons such as: Houdini, Keller, Thurston, Dante, Calvert, Grabel, Hermann, Kramien, McComb, Berglas, Goebel, Korim, Rellim, and the Ringling Brothers, to name a few.

For more information please contact Roger Miller, the Conference Registration Chairman, at e-mail [email protected] phone: 913-422-5191

Dr. Gary Leazer New Editor

General Grand High Priest J. Benny Allen has announced that Dr. Gary Leazer will be the new editor of The Royal Arch Mason beginning with the spring issue 2004. Articles and correspondence should be sent to:

Dr. Gary Leazer, Editor, PO Box 870523, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Phone and Fax: 770-979-6313 Cell Phone: 770-851-0997 e-mail: [email protected]

Listing Error

Bro. Fred Dolan, publisher of one of Freemasonry's most used publications-List of Lodges Masonic-was made aware of a printing error in the 2004 edition. Bro. Dolan prepared the following letter and as a courtesy to him and the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, MSA is reprinting it with permission.

As publisher and printer of List of Lodges Masonic I regret having to inform you that this company made a serious error in the Grand Lodge of Connecticut entry in the 2004 edition of our book. The statement which in effect says that the Grand Lodge of Connecticut does not recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut is completely contrary to fact and this company is entirely responsible for making that mistake.

Those two Grand Lodge remain in a state of amity and in full recognition of each other.

We deeply regret being responsible for this and apologize for any problem that this misstatement may have caused. I hope that you will pass along this information to whomever you feel needs to be informed.

Masonic Havens Limited

Masonic Havens Limited (MHL), sponsored by the Freemasons of Ireland, has been providing care for Masons and their dependants since 1984. However, nursing care for residents in failing health was not available. A new program-Continuity of Care-was adopted and St. Joseph's Nursing Home now provides nursing care.

A unique fund raising program has been developed to help underwrite some of the costs involved with these accommodations for the elderly, which now includes the community as a whole.

The fund raising promotion is on the M.H.L. web site and gives you a virtual tour of King Solomon's Temple. If you wish you may sponsor a stone in King Solomon's Temple with your name on it. For those who might be interested please visit the site at

Did You Know? What Is The All-Seeing Eye?

The eye was a symbol of God before Old Testament days, in Egypt and India. The words do not appear in the Great Light (Bible). The eye upon United States paper money, while a symbol of the Great Architect, was not selected by Masons. The Psalmist expresses the symbol's meaning with the words (Psalm 121:4): Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

(Source: MSA Digest: Masonic Vocabulary)

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