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Emessay Notes April 2013


Kansas Fights Cancer With $1 Million Gift

The Kansas Masonic Foundation has made a $1 million donation to the Midwest Cancer Alliance Behavioral Health Therapist Fund through The University of Kansas Cancer Center.
Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows that the disease can raise challenging emotional issues for both patients and caregivers, and the gift from the Foundation will help to address those needs.

"Research isn't always about the disease itself, but also about the toll this disease takes on everyone involved," according to a statement from the Foundation.  "Our long-standing commitment with the cancer center is a top priority that was set by our board many years ago. Masons are known for their commitments, and we will continue to support the cancer center in its endeavors to seek more effective ways to prevent and treat cancer."

The Kansas Masonic Foundation has provided nearly $23 million for cancer research at The University of Kansas Cancer Center since 1975.


Another George Washington Anniversary

April 28 will mark the 225th anniversary of Brother George Washington becoming Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge #22.  That is the anniversary date of the Grand Lodge of Virginia issuing the Lodge's charter, and our First President was the Charter Master.

Brother Washington was elected an honorary member of Alexandria Lodge #39 on June 24, 1784.  The Lodge at that time was part of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. He earlier had become a Master Mason on August 4, 1753, in Fredericksburg Lodge.

Brother Washington subsequently was elected Master of Alexandria Lodge on December 20, 1788 and served until December 27, 1789. Incidentally, he served much of that year as Worshipful Master with the dual title of President of the United States. He took the oath of office as our First President on April 30, 1789.




Pennsylvania's Masonic Children's Home At Age 100

Since 1913, Pennsylvania Freemasons have provided a safe haven and changed the lives of 2,092 children at its Masonic Children's Home.

And, with a $10 million Centennial Campaign underway, the Home plans to ensure this care continues for another 100 years and beyond.

A year of celebrations is planned for the anniversary, including a Youth Appreciation Day in May, an alumni picnic in June, and a dinner, program, and worship service in October.
After establishing  the Masonic Homes (now known  as Masonic Village) in Elizabethtown in 1910, Pennsylvania Masons became aware of another need in the community.  So, they accepted the duty to provide for the maintenance, development, and education of orphaned children.

Today, while other Grand Lodge jurisdictions have moved away from the sponsorship of such youth homes, Pennsylvania's Masonic Children's Home cares for up to 40 school-age children.

(Source: Pennsylvania Freemason, February, 2013)


If You Appreciate Puns . . .

A candidate for initiation was to be picked up and driven to the Lodge, but before this could happen, the car broke down.  The candidate said, as it was no great distance, he would go on his bicycle.

Just when he reached the top of the hill, his chain broke.  As the lodge was at the bottom of the other side, all he needed was a backpedal brake.  So, he repaired the chain with a cord he had in his pocket and free-wheeled downhill to the lodge.

Later that evening, in reply to a toast in his honor, he said how proud he was to be a Freemason but could not understand, as he told no one, how the Master knew that he had come on his own free wheel and a cord!

(Thanks to the Grand Lodges of North Carolina and Ohio for passing this along.)


Howie Damron To Receive Prestigious NY Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award of the Grand Lodge of New York will be presented to Brother Howie Damron at its Annual Communication on May 6 in New York

He is described by New York as a "renowned entertainer, vocalist, and song writer."   An Ohio Mason, Brother Damron has written many Masonic related songs, including  the  inspirational  favorite,  "The  Masonic  Ring,"  and  performed  across the continent at Masonic, Scottish  Rite, Eastern Star, DeMolay, and other related gatherings.

An avid outdoorsman with a country singing background, he has numerous CDs available with his Masonic songs.



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