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Emessay Notes August 2008

Appeal for Relief - Iowa

When MSA first contacted the Grand Lodge of Iowa about the possibility of an appeal because of the severe flooding it was, at that time, impossible to even estimate the damage. There was still a great deal of flooding and in most cases people had not even been allowed to go back to their homes. Since that time, with the receding waters, the enormity of the damage done has been realized.

In a letter from Grand Master Mosier he said: “The towns of Parkersburg and New Hartford, along with other communities were nearly destroyed by the EF5 tornado that swept through on May 25. Many Iowa Masons were directly affected by this storm, suffering both personal injury and the destruction of their homes and property. Other tornados and high winds damaged Lodge property in Knoxville.

Only a few weeks later, widespread deluges of rain and record river levels created havoc in cities and towns across the state, flooding homes, closing businesses, and forcing general evacuation. One Lodge building was completely destroyed. Dozens of Iowa Masons have lost their homes. Dozens more have had their businesses destroyed.”

         Please forward to the MSA such funds as you feel appropriate to help our devastated Brethren and their families in this stricken jurisdiction. Please make checks payable to the MSA Disaster Relief Fund and send to the address below.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Further Light: Helpful Information for New Master Masons
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   A new MSA digest by Jim Tresner is now available. Fifty pages—discussing many important Masonic subjects such as: the ritual and its evolution; an explanation of the obligations and penalties; further explanation of the three degrees and much, much more.

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Freemasons Who Were Missouri Governors

          In an attempt to show the very prominent role Freemasons have played, over the years, in government leadership, MSA has been publishing a list of Governors who were Freemasons. This month we are featuring the State of Missouri and wish to thank Wilfred Soutiea, PGM (MO) for the following information

Masonic Governors and Years served

Alexander McNair       1821 – 1824 Meredith Miles Mamaduke 1844-1844
Frederick Bates  1824 – 1825   Austin Augustus King 1848-1853
Daniel Dunklin   1832 – 1836   Sterling Price 1853-1857
Thomas Reynolds     1840 – 1844   Robert Marcellus Stewart   1857-1861

At this juncture, Missouri was officially recognized as a Confederate state by the Confederate government and was represented in the Confederate Congress and by a star on the Confederate flag.  During the Civil War, however, Missouri was also claimed by the Union and had two competing state governments.  The list only shows those governors who were loyal to the Union.

Masonic Governors and Years served

Hamilton Rowan Gamble 1861 – 1864 Elliot Woolfolk Major 1913-1917
Thomas Clement Fletcher 1865 – 1869 Frederick D. Gardner 1917-1921
Silas Woodson 1873 – 1875 Arthur M. Hyde 1921-1925
Charles Henry Hardin 1875 – 1877 Samuel Aaron Baker 1925-1929
John Smith Phelps 1877 – 1881 Henry S. Caulfield 1929-1933
Thomas Theodore Crittenden 1881 – 1885 Guy Brasfield Park 1933-1937
John S. Marmaduke 1885 – 1887 Forrest C. Donnell 1941-1945
Albert P. Morehouse 1887 – 1889 Phil M. Donnelly 1945-1949
David R. Francis 1889 – 1893 Forrest Smith 1949-1953
William Joel Stone 1893 – 1897 Phil M. Donnelly 1953-1957
Lawrence Vest Stephens 1897 – 1901 James T. Blair, Jr. 1957-1961
Alexander Monroe Dockery 1901 – 1905 Warren E. Hearnes 1965-1973
Joseph W. Folk 1905 – 1909 Mel Carnahan 1993-2000
Herbert S. Hadley 1909 – 1913 Roger B. Wilson 2000-2001


(Note: Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan was killed in a plane crash in October, 2000. Lt. Governor and Brother Wilson assumed office after Carnahan's body had been formally identified.)

We have had numerous Freemasons serve as National Senators and Representatives including Senator and MWB Harry S Truman, Vice-President  who continued on to be the 33rd President of the US upon the death of President and Brother Franklin D. Roosevelt, formerly governor of New York.

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