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 Emessay Notes December 2001

Cy Young, Ohio Mason

Each year in baseball, the best pitcher in each of the Major Leagues is chosen as the Cy Young Award recipient.

This award was named for one of the premier pitchers in baseball history, who also was an Ohio Mason.

In the historic archives of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, a membership card, without fanfare, relates the simple information: D.T. Young, initiated, passed and raised in February, 1904 in Mystic Tie Lodge, #194; recipient of a 50-year medal; died on November 4, 1955.

But behind those statistics is a man whose accomplishments have set the standards for nearly a century of athletes who participate in the game of baseball.

He was born in Urichsville, Ohio, as Denton T. Young. Because of his reputation for pitching a fastball, his teammates began calling him "Cyclone," which was eventually shortened to "Cy."

Cy Young has one of the baseball records no one will probably ever break - 511 career wins. He had more than 30 wins during five different seasons, more than 20 wins on 10 occasions, and he completed more than 700 of 815 games he started.

He tossed three no-hit games, and on May 5, 1904 pitched baseball's first "perfect" game, in which no one on the opposing team was allowed to reach first base.

On his death in 1955, he was buried wearing his Masonic apron. 

(Source: Beacon, Summer 2001)



September 11, 2001 - A Time to Help


We at the Grand Lodge of New York are trying to do our part towards answering the call of the distressed in providing a source of much needed help to those adversely affected by these cowardly acts of violence against our citizens. These unprecedented assaults were especially traumatic and harrowing to the population of our beautiful city, where peoples of many nations, religions and ethnicity visit, reside and work together for the betterment of society. The heartfelt compassion and empathy that you have displayed for your fellow human beings during this our hour of darkness has been a source and fountain of benevolent light. Together, we will emerge from this tragic and dispiriting experience united with a renewed zeal of bringing back peace, harmony and brotherhood throughout the world. The essence of True Masonic Brotherhood will be a beacon of hope for all to see and emulate. Within the very near future, we will publish the names of all of the benefactors of the WTC Relief Fund in our Empire State Mason Magazine. Currently we, in collaboration with the City of New York, the New York City Police Department and the New York City Fire Department are compiling a list of widows and children of legitimate victims who are in need of our financial assistance. Presentation of these charitable funds will be made at a suitable forum in a solemn and dignified manner during the spring of 2002. Rest assured that every penny received will be distributed to those in need and absolutely no monies will be deferred to cover expenses and related costs incurred by the Grand Lodge. 

(Source: Letter from the Grand Lodge of New York)

Thanks to Gander, Newfoundland

During the recent World Trade Center bombing and consequent grounding of airliner flights in progress, your city and, in particular, your Lodge hosted thousands of travelers stranded by the flight moratorium. A member of our Lodge and his wife, Herman and Viola Scheef, were aided by, among others, your Lodge and treated as though they were family. For your unselfish acts, you have the enduring and fraternal gratitude of all of our membership. Your Lodge and your gentle and gracious township are an inspiration to all who learn of your countless acts of kindness and charity. In the past weeks, it has been extremely easy for us all to become distraught and disheartened about the prospects for mankind. The forces of evil have, yet again, leapt up from the depths of humanity to bring a sudden and sobering reminder of the fragility of our existence. Terrorism has taken the forefront in the news and has gripped people with fear. However, good has and will always ultimately win out over evil. As sure as there is a God in heaven, we have this promise. Again, Brothers of Gander, Newfoundland, thank you for your unselfish hospitality to the many travelers and more especially to our Brother and his wife, who were stranded on September 11, 2001. May your Lodge, your township, and your country be blessed. On behalf of the Worshipful Master, Officers, and Brethren of Marlin Masonic Lodge No. 152

(Source: Letter from Marlin Masonic Lodge #152, Marlin, TX)

Shriners Hospitals Helping

Medical professionals from Shriners Hospitals, including Dr. Robert Sheridan, assistant chief of staff at the Boston Shriners Hospital, are in New York City helping to provide emergency care for victims of the Sept. 11 disaster. They are part of the Burn Response Team of the Disaster Medical Assistance Team, which is activated by the Office of Emergency Preparedness under oversight by FEMA. Shriners Hospitals are also a part of the National Disaster Medical System, a first-response network of hospitals across the U.S. pre-identified to help in crisis situations. Although Shriners Hospitals are pediatric hospitals, dedicated to treating children, Shrine leaders have stated that in light of the scope of this tragedy, Shriners Hospitals will assist adult victims if needed. 

(Source: Shrine News Release)


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