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Emessay Notes February 2006

Hospital Visitation Program

When this letter from Thomas Lindquist, Treasurer of Fruita Lodge #120, Fruita, CO was received during the holiday season it made us very proud to know we have this kind of support for our Hospital Visitation Program.

Dear Brothers,

It is my pleasure to present a check for $100.00 which is to be utilized in your Hospital Visitation Program. Ours is a rather small lodge with total members adding to somewhere less than fifty. Annually, at this time of year, we gather our resources and have a Christmas Dinner for our friends, both Masonic and other. Traditionally, there is no charge for the food, Christmas Stockings, or other donated gifts which are later presented in a drawing. Of interest to you might be the manner in which the $100.00 for you was collected without any form of coercion landing on our guests. The money was a donation in the form of crisp ten dollar bills placed in individual envelopes, each addressed to you. Each envelope was then presented to selected winners given out by a numbers drawing. If the ten dollars would add to their Christmas they were given a choice of anonymously taking the money out and depositing the empty envelope in a donation jar as they left the room. By this method the identity of the depositor would remain a secret. It may be of some interest to you to be informed that all envelopes were later deposited in the jar and each contained a brand new crisp ten dollar bill. And thus you are now in receipt of this gift. I trust you will use it well.

(Source: Fruita Lodge #120, Fruita, Colorado)

American Gunfight

By: Stephen Hunter and John Bainbridge, Jr.

American Gunfight is the fast-paced, definitive, and breathtakingly suspenseful account of an extraordinary historical event—the attempted assassination of President Harry Truman in 1950 by two Puerto Rican Nationalists and the bloody shoot-out in the streets of Washington, D.C. that saved the president’s life. (From the book description on the dust cover)

What makes this a book of interest to Freemasons is that Leslie Coffelt a member of the White House police force, killed in the assassination attempt, was a member of Potomac Lodge #5, Washington, D.C. A picture of Bro. Coffelt, as a member of Potomac Lodge, is included in the book.

Pacific Rim Lodge # 12

The opening of Pacific Rim Lodge #12, Under Dispensation, (Vladivostok, Russia), on Saturday, September 11, 1999 in Palmer, Alaska, heralded the revival of Freemasonry in Eastern Russia.

Working as a courtesy for the Grand Lodge of Russia, the Alaska Grand Lodge Russian Relations Committee formally constituted Pacific Rim Lodge #12, in Vladivostok on October 14, 2000. Eight additional candidates from the Far East were initiated, passed and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. MW George Dergachev, GM of the Russian GL and RW Vladmir Djanguirian, Grand Secretary, attended the ceremonies. A large contingent of visiting Masons from the U.S. were also in attendance.

Initiation of Canadian In Pacific Rim Lodge

PRL #12, in Vladivostok initiated Jerry Dumalski in September (2005) in the first two degrees of Masonry. Afterwards he was scheduled to be raised to the 3rd Degree of a Master Mason by an English-speaking lodge in Moscow. Jerry Dumalski is a world famous guitarist. He is the first guitarist ever to play at the Bolshoi. He electrified the faculty and students alike. Because of him they will introduce guitar studies to their distinguished institution. Jerry Dumalski will be accompanied by Bro. Harry Lyden on their visit to Vladivostok and Moscow. The Russian authorities at the Theremin Center for Electronic Music have invited Bro. Harry Lyden to lecture in Moscow. The lecture describes the Schillinger System of Musical Composition. Joseph Schillinger was a Russian mathematician, pianist and composer. He came to America in 1928. Among his students were Glen Miller, George Gershwin and many other famous artists of the era.

(Source: Vostochney Svet—Eastern Light—Sept. 2005)

St. Lawrence Seaway Act

The co-authors of the St. Lawrence Seaway Act—Alexander Wiley, and George A. Dondero—were both Freemasons. Alexander Wiley was born May 26, 1884, in Chippewa Falls, WI. Following undergraduate work he received his law degree from the Univ. of Wisconsin in 1907. He was admitted to the bar in 1907 and served as the Chippewa County District Attorney from 1909-1915. After an unsuccessful bid for governor, he was elected to the US Senate in 1938. He was re-elected for a total of four six year terms. He was Chairman of both the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees and introduced the Seaway Bill in Jan. 1953 while he was the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman. He died in Germantown, PA on May 26, 1967. Bro. Wiley was a member of Chippewa Falls Lodge No. 176, Chippewa Falls, WI and belonged to the Chippewa Chapter No. 46, RAM, and Tancred Commandery No. 27 of the same city. He was a member of Eau Claire Consistory AASR and Tripoli Shrine Temple. In 1956 he received the Gourgas Medal from the Northern Jurisdiction, AASR. George A. Dondero was born on a farm in Greenfield Township (now part of Detroit), MI on Dec. 16, 1883. He graduated from Detroit College of Law in 1910 and started a practice that year. He served in Congress from 1933 to 1957 being the ranking minority representative in the House Committee on Education for ten years. He presented the Seaway bill to the House of Representatives while Sen. Wiley did the same in the Senate. He died Jan. 29, 1968 in Royal Oak, MI. Bro. Dondero was raised in Royal Oak Lodge No. 464, Royal Oak, MI about 1916. He received his 32nd degree AASR (NJ) in Detroit, MI and was a member of the High Twelve Clubs of Royal Oak and Pontiac, MI

(Source: The Philatelic Freemason – Nov-Dec 2006)

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