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Emessay Notes February 2008

Green Envelope Appeal

   Each November the MSA sends out its Green Envelope Appeal asking for support for our Hospital Visitation Program. We cannot begin to express proper “thanks” for your responses. Some bear heart-warming messages of how a lonely Veteran was visited by an MSA Volunteer, or a message from a friend or relative grateful for a visit to a loved one. Many families express thanks for a visit to a wounded soldier being cared for at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

MSA has Masonic representation in 157 VA’s, 40 State Veterans Homes and several Military Hospitals. Thank you for helping to make this vital program the success story it truly is!

The Origin of the Term Fellow Craft

   The term “Fellow” has a long and distinguished history, most commonly used to denote that one is of higher status than just being a member of some organization. One becomes a fellow of a research or educational society, for example, by being voted into that position after having done research and being published. Members of the teaching staff of a university who are not full members of the faculty are sometimes called “teaching fellows.”

In the guilds from which we believe Masonry arose, a “Fellow of the Craft” had roughly the same status as a journeyman would have today. When Masonry had only one Degree there was a section, known as the “Fellow’s Part”, which was conferred on those who had shown a mastery of the material of the Apprentice Degree.

(Source: From a soon-to-be released digest by Jim Tresner)

Did You Know?
What is the significance of the Northeast Corner in the 1st degree?

The symbolism of the Northeast corner in the Entered Apprentice degree is taken from the ancient practice of laying the cornerstone in the Northeast corner. He who stands there in the lodge, “a just and upright Mason,” is himself a cornerstone of the lodge which will be. A lodge is erected not only by, but upon, her sons. The Entered Apprentice of today is the veteran Mason and lodge member of tomorrow.

9th World Conference

         May 7-9, 2008 will see a gathering of Masonic leaders from around the world in Washington, DC. Under the theme Universal Freemasonry in Action the Conference will discuss such issues as: “Promoting ethical behavior in civil society” and “Establishing a network of exchanges among Masons worldwide.”

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Quatuor Coronati Installs its First American Worshipful Master

         On Thursday, November 8, 2007 Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 of London, the premier lodge of Masonic research in the world, installed Bro. S. Brent Morris, as its first American Worshipful Master. The lodge was consecrated in 1886, and in 1888 it began publishing its annual transactions, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, a collection of some of the finest and most scholarly papers on Freemasonry. Full membership in the lodge is limited to forty, though there are over 6,000 members of the Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle who receive all publications of the lodge.

         Bro. Morris joined the lodge in 1993 as only the fourth American member. Three American Masonic scholars preceded Morris (and are now deceased): Dwight L. Smith, Indiana; Alphonse Cerza, Illinois; and Alex Horne, California. Bro. W. Kirk MacNulty, Virginia, is the only other living American member.

(Source: Scottish Rite Journal, Jan-Feb 2008)

Support of Government

“So far as I am acquainted with the principles and doctrines of Freemasonry, I conceive it to be founded in benevolence and to be exercised only for the good of mankind . . .

At this important and critical moment, when repeated and high indignities have been offered to this government, your country and the rights and properties of our citizens plundered without a prospect of redress, I conceive to be the indispensible duty of every American, let his situation and circumstances be what they may, to come forward in support of the Government of his country and to give all the aid in his power toward maintaining that independence which we have so dearly purchased; and under this impression, I did not hesitate to lay aside all personal considerations and accept my appointment.”

George Washington


February 22nd is George Washington’s birthday. Let us remember this great man and Mason, who gave so much to his country, not only on his birthday but every time we think of how fortunate we are to live in a free country!


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