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Emessay Notes January 2004

Jules S. Tepper, PGM (DC) Named Director of Hospital Visitation

The Masonic Service Association of North America is very pleased to announce the appointment of Jules S. Tepper, PGM (DC) as its new Director of the Hospital Visitation Program. Brother Tepper will join MSA on January 5, 2004.

Jules S. Tepper is a native Washingtonian. He was born on February 3, 1937, and has lived in the Washington D. C. area all of his life. In addition to his wife, Patricia, his family includes two sons, Ronald and Douglas, a daughter, Laura, and 6 grandchildren. Bro. Tepper is a veteran, having served both as a member of the Maryland National Guard during the Korean Conflict and also on active duty with the United States Navy from 1955-1959.

Bro. Tepper has many Masonic memberships and has held numerous Masonic offices. He has just finished serving as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.

Kansas Masonic Foundation Pledges $15 Million For KU Cancer Center

The Kansas Masonic Foundation has pledged $15 million for the Kansas Cancer Institute, a research center at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan. The pledge was announced on Nov. 20, 2003 during a special ceremony at KU Medical Center. The Topeka, Kan.- based foundation's gift to the Kansas University Endowment Association will help the institute in its effort to ultimately achieve designation as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. With the addition of the Masons' latest pledge, the Foundation's commitment for KU cancer research and treatment has reached $20 million since 1974. The Kansas Masons' commitment includes a $500,000 gift for the William R. Jewell, M.D., Distinguished Kansas Masonic Professorship, which was announced in September. The professorship, which honors the current Institute director, will provide the support to hire a fulltime director, one of several requirements to achieve NCI status. Established in 1966, the Kansas Masonic Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that supports charitable, educational and scientific programs. The foundation is funded by voluntary gifts and endowments from Kansas Masons and their families and friends. (Source: Kansas Masonic Foundation)

Ohio Mason Retraces Footsteps of Lewis and Clark

While Ohio celebrates its 200th birthday in 2003, another important Bicentennial anniversary with ties to Freemasonry is also being observed. Two hundred years ago marked the start of the Lewis and Clark expedition to chart the northwest portions of the United States. Both Lewis and Clark were Master Masons. Detailed exhibits of the Lewis and Clark expedition are being shown in different places around the country, including the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C. There is one Ohio Mason who will be retracing the route of Lewis and Clark. Bro. Rick Roberts, a member of Irville Lodge #184, in Nashport, Ohio, is one of 212 members of the Corps of Discovery of St. Charles, Missouri, the nationally recognized group representing and retracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Rick Roberts portrays Private Thomas Howard, a Tennessee recruit. During the next few years, Bro. Roberts will be reliving the life of Private Howard until they reach the Pacific in 2005. His reenactment means he is living as they did, wearing clothing of the period, cooking in iron kettles, traveling in a 55-foot keelboat and camping in tents. He has been training for the trek for four years and has now completed most of the total journey, which covers four main rivers, the Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri, and Columbia. Rick Roberts speaks frequently to local groups about the Lewis and Clark adventure. (Source: Beacon Fall 2003)

Harold L. Johnson Has Served 50 Grand Masters!

Brother Will Rogers once said, "I never met a man I didn't like." Brother Harold Johnson, Administrator, at the Grand Lodge of Colorado could easily paraphrase, "I never met a Grand Master I couldn't serve." And serve he has for 50 years….50 Grand Masters of Colorado have had the privilege of knowing and working with one of the finest associates in Freemasonry, indeed one of the finest associates in the working world! His dedication has often involved many, many extra hours of effort. Besides the steady service in the Grand Lodge office, he is always present for setup and take down during the Grand Lodge annual and anniversary meetings. Countless times he has made trips to open the Grand Lodge office for special requests and there have been many other meetings throughout the years that have involved extra time, travel and setup. There has literally never been a time at the office when anyone could ever tell by his dress whether he was about to attend church or empty the trash, he always wears a tie. He has for several years been Chairman of the Grand Lodge committee of Grand Representatives and Foreign Lodge Liaisons. He has also, for many years, been the coordinator for all Masonic Trials. Certainly, if there was ever an effort to change the spelling of the word dedication it would most appropriately be spelled, H a r o l d. Not yet ready for retirement he will continue his service at the Grand Lodge Office.

If you would like to send a greeting card with your congratulations and best wishes, send to:

Harold Johnson 
% Grand Lodge of Colorado A.F. & A.M.. 
1130 Panorama Drive 
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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