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Emessay Notes July 2001

The Invisible Lodge

In 1953 Brewerton H. Clarke, known better under his stage name Sir Felix Korim, founded the Invisible Lodge. Its purpose was to form "An Honorary Association of Masonic Magicians at Work, Under the Jurisdiction of the Known and Unknown worlds."

In actuality, the Invisible Lodge is not a lodge in the strictest sense. It is an International organization for professional, social and fraternal interaction of Freemasons who have as their vocation or avocation the art of magic. Though referred to as a Lodge it does not meet on a regular basis in the United States. It holds its meetings on a cooperative basis at major Magic Conventions. For the most part that means a meeting this year could happen in Washington, DC, Pasadena, CA or Corpus Christi, TX. Or all three, for that matter, as different members of the group hold separate meetings in different parts of the country. For many years meetings of the Lodge were held only at midnight. The time of day now varies, since Convention schedules become tighter and tighter.

(Source: Upcoming 8-01 Short Talk Bulletin -
The Invisible Lodge by John K, Miller)

For further information about the Invisible Lodge please contact: International President, John K. Miller, 2102 Addington, Irving, TX 75062 [email protected]

Addendum December 2008:  John Miller passed away. The current contact information is: International President Roger Miller, Box-417, Bonner Springs, KS 66012. email: [email protected]

The Millennium Glub of Georgia

Brethren, are you a MILLENNIUM CLUB MEMBER? If not, it is NOT too late. Memberships can be purchased from any District Deputy, any Grand Lodge Officer, or through the Grand Lodge Office. The cost is $20.00 and the proceeds will be equally divided between the Grand Assembly of Georgia, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and the Associated DeMolay Chapters of Georgia. If you have never done anything for the Masonic-related youth organizations, now is your chance.

Become a MILLENNIUM CLUB member today!

(Source: Georgia Masonic Messenger, June 2001)

MSA certainly applauds Georgia Masons for supporting our Youth!

Valley of the Craftsmen

Valley of the Craftsmen, A Pictorial History, Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction, 1801-2001, is a large-size book recently published by the Supreme Council, S.J., to celebrate the bicentennial of the 1801 founding of the Scottish Rite in Charleston, South Carolina. It presents an informative introduction with hundreds of rare photographs accompanied by descriptive captions. The result is a hardbound 276-page book which tells the Scottish Rite story with authority, grace, and pride. To order, send checks ($75.00, domestic s/h included) payable to The Supreme Council to: Grand Executive Director's Office, 1733 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009-3103, Voice 202-232-3579; Fax 202-387-1843 (VISA and MasterCard accepted); Online Store

School Is Still In

For children who face days or even weeks of recovery time in Shriners Hospitals, school work not only can provide a sense of normalcy and focus, but also can keep kids from getting behind in school. Shriners Hospitals provide this continuous learning either through teachers employed by local school districts or certified teachers who are staff members of the hospitals. These teachers work with patients from kindergarten age through high school, with a wide range of learning abilities. In addition, kids from foreign countries sometimes require teaching in a language other than English. Depending upon the child's needs, only one or two subjects, such as math or reading, might be emphasized to keep current with their regular classwork. "We have to set priorities and pick which subjects are most important to the child," explained Melen Lunn, coordinator of the school program at the Northern California Shriners Hospital in Sacramento. "We focus on math a great deal because we believe math is one of the hardest subjects to get behind in; it's so sequential." Teachers in this unique setting can be challenged by a student's pain that accompanies their injury, the effects of any medication, the need for rest, the separation from family, or the stress brought on by a combination of any of the above. Add physical and occupational therapy to the treatment of some children, and class time becomes even more limited. But school work can boost a child's mental health because it is an activity connected to their normal life. Lunn pointed out that while most of a child's time in the hospital involves their physical recovery and healing, school work is a reminder that the child's familiar daily routine still exists outside the hospital. At all Shriners Hospitals, part of the healing process for children is adjusting to physical changes that result from injury, especially when a severe burn leaves scarring or when a spinal cord injury results in the permanent use of a wheelchair.

(Source: Shrine Press Release dated December 2000)

Mason's Day

Wolihin Lodge #390, Macon, Georgia has announced Masons Day, July 15, 2001 at the Centenary United Methodist Church. The lodge invitation says:

All members of the Masonic Fraternity are cordially invited, with their families, to come and enjoy an hour of worship and great fellowship. You are encouraged to wear your masonic aprons and sit as a group. Sunday lunch buffet, after the worship service, will be available at the Holiday Inn on Riverside Drive at Arkwright Road.

Please join us for this very special event.

(Source: Georgia Masonic Messenger, June 2001)


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