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Emessay Notes March 2001

Short Talk Bulletin

In an effort to provide Grand Lodges with Masonic educational material publication of the Short Talk Bulletin began in 1923. There are now more than 900 issues in print. Each month a subject of Masonic interest is covered. There are Short Talks about Ritual, History, Individuals, Religion, and many other subjects. You may subscribe to the Short Talk at a cost of $5.00 per year, $6.00 to addresses outside the United States. (Postage costs require the additional amount) Send to the address below.

The Oldsmobile

General Motors has made a decision to do away with the name brand Oldsmobile after 103 years. In a Jan. 28, 2001 story about the Olds the New York Times said:

A Man might leer at a Lincoln or covet a Cadillac, people used to say, but he married an Oldsmobile.

Powered by a solid V-8 engine and dressed up in just enough chrome to look prosperous, the Oldsmobile was a softly rumbling chunk of American steel, a roomy car with less flash than a Cadillac but more prestige than a Chevrolet or a Ford. It was a deacon's car, a shift boss's car, and for as long as even the oldest Americans can remember, it rolled with respectability to the Little League ballpark or the Masonic Lodge.

Ransom Olds was a pioneer in the automobile field and the Oldsmobile was named for him. Bro. Olds was a member of Capital of S.O. Lodge #66, Lansing, MI.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial News

"Grand Lodge Month" Program

January 2000 marked the beginning of the "Grand Lodge Month" program at the Memorial. Each month a different Grand Lodge is featured and honored. The State or Commonwealth Flag of the Grand Jurisdiction is flown at the Memorial for the entire month and then is presented to the Grand Lodge. A display is set up in Assembly Hall featuring the Grand Lodge history, officers, programs, charities and so forth. The Grand Lodges to be recognized in 2001 are:

January Rhode Island July Louisiana
February District of Columbia August Indiana
March Vermont September Mississippi
April Kentucky October Illinois
May Tennessee November Alabama
June Ohio December Maine


Memorial Windows Available for Dedication

To dedicate a window in honor of an individual or an organization requires a donation of $7,500. The Memorial will install a dedicatory plaque at, or near, the designated window stating for whom the window is dedicated and by whom it was presented. This is an excellent way to support the Memorial and perpetuate the memory of an individual or organization.

Collectors Edition

Memorial Introduces Collector's Edition for 2000. Each ornament is crafted in America and comes with a beautiful 24kt. gold finish. A booklet with historical and educational information is enclosed in each gift box. The ornament is available through the Memorial Gift Shop at 703-549-9234.

 (Source: GWMNMA Newsletter Fall, 2000)

2001 Shriners Hospitals Budget Largest Ever!

In 2001, Shriners Hospitals for Children will spend an all-time high of over $1.55 million every 24 hours to provide medical care for children. The amazing part --- this expert orthopaedic, burn and spinal cord care is given at absolutely no charge.

For the entire year, the 22 Shriners Hospitals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico have a total budget of $567 million, $485 million of which makes up the operating budget that funds patient care, teaching, administrative office expenses, depreciation and the daily expenses of the entire Shriners Hospitals network. To put the 2001 budget in perspective, 20 years ago the total expenditures for Shriners Hospitals was just over $87 million. Also included in the $567 million total is $82 million for buildings and equipment.

(Source: Shrine News Release Dec. 2001)

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