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Emessay Notes March 2003

Shrine Endorses Masonic Ties

During the Shrine sponsored DeMolay Frank Land Breakfast held at the Conference of Grand Masters in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 18, 2003, Imperial Potentate Charles A. "Tad" Claypool addressed the subject of the future of the Shrine of North America where he stated:

"A year and a half ago, the immediate Past Imperial Potentate of the Shrine of North America, Kenneth W. Smith, and I jointly appointed a committee to study the future of the Shrine. The committee is made up of Imperial Divan officers, temple divan officers, a Past Grand Master, a college fraternity executive and a former executive of a major civic organization. This committee was tasked with studying every facet of the Shrine and recommending to the Joint Boards and perhaps eventually to the Imperial Council Session, what the Shrine should look like in years to come."

"While their study is still ongoing and may be for another year or more, the committee felt that one issue must be determined immediately before any other decisions could be made. That issue was should the Shrine maintain its prerequisite of Freemasonry. I am proud and pleased to be able to tell you today that the committee unanimously recommended to the Joint Boards of Directors and Trustees, and in turn the directors and trustees unanimously adopted the committee's proposal that the Shrine maintain its tie with Freemasonry in the future."

"This should put to rest any of the rumors and innuendoes that we keep hearing about the Imperial Divan being prepared to drop Freemasonry because, Brothers, to a man, the entire Imperial Divan voted to maintain Freemasonry as our prerequisite."

(Statement by Charles A. "Tad" Claypool, Imperial Potentate, Shrine of North America)

The Next Step

The Grand Lodge of Oklahoma has introduced a new brochure called The Next Step. Addressed to DeMolays, the brochure discusses the relationship between DeMolay and Freemasonry. It answers why a DeMolay should consider membership in the Fraternity and ends by saying: Take the next step. We're waiting to greet you as a Brother. 

(Source: Grand Lodge of Oklahoma)

The Temple Publishers

MSA has learned that Temple Publishers has been acquired by Bro. Joe Ohlandt. Please check-out his website In an e-mail to MSA, Bro. Ohlandt said: "During World War II The Temple Publishers donated a book written by Carl H. Claudy called The Lion's Paw to our servicemen overseas. This book was "Dedicated to all Master Masons in service to our country". As the owner of The Temple Publishers I would like to make that offer again during these trying times. I am willing to donate a book to any Master Mason on Active Duty, beyond US borders, in appreciation of their service. Please contact me at [email protected] with the members name, lodge and address. I will also proudly include a letter of appreciation. Please feel free to inform all Masons of this offer".

 (Source: Joe Ohlandt, The Temple Publishers)

Saddle Up and Let's Go!

Starting March 1, 2003, you and I will begin a Ride Across America on horse back from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Montana-Canadian Border. I will be on the horse and you will be sitting in a soft chair staring at your monitor. Boy, who is the smart one? We will be seeking to meet people and visit places of interest that will be featured in my daily diaries. I guess we can call ourselves "High Tech Cowboys" if there is such a thing. In our traveling gear (along with a can of beans and a coffee pot) is a lap top computer, a digital camera and a wireless connection that allows us the opportunity to stay in touch with all our little trail-riding buckaroos. (THAT'S YOU)

Our main objective is to raise over $500,000 for the Shriners Hospitals of North America. If you are not aware of all the free medical services offered to children please check out their web site at

We can only hope that by the time our trip is completed we will have a better understanding and appreciation for our fellow Americans, life, God and ourselves. If we can smile and laugh a little while on the trail, that will be OK as well.

If you know that I am coming through your town and know of a safe place that I can board my team for the night, please contact me at [email protected]. Here again, I must depend on the help of others to accommodate my horse and mules. I have every intention to make sure that the welfare of my team comes first. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. If you have a stock trailer and know that I am coming up on any major bridges or obstacles that you could help me get across it would be greatly appreciated. Here again, just e-mail me and let me know.

Now if you pass me on the road, honk twice (after you have gone by, please). That way I will know that you have been to my web site and when you look in your rear view mirror, you'll see me waving at Ya. What a deal!

My ride across America is for all those who are consumed with trying to make a living and don't have time to make the trip. I invite you to visit my web site daily by logging onto and view the photos and diary of the people and places seen each day. 

(Source: News Release - Bob Gacke, Weimar, Texas)


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