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Emessay Notes March 2007

 The Legend Lives On

      February 22, 2007 marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of the quintessential American icon, George Washington. Yes, we know that he was “First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of his Countrymen” but did the man really live up to the legend? This issue of the Voice of Freemasonry endeavors to answer that question by focusing beyond the romanticized stories and popularized myths. You will find articles discussing Washington as a leader and role model and a man of conscience and great scope. Learn more about Washington the Mason and discover Washington the early American futurist. Read about why this virtuous man deserves the impressive Masonic memorial that bears his name and how Washington played the key role in the location and founding of our national capital. You will uncover a Washington who, it turns out, was every bit as great as we have to come to believe.

            With these words the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia introduces the current issue (Volume 24, Number 1) of The Voice of Freemasonry, the official publication of the Grand Lodge of DC. The entire issue is devoted to articles about George Washington. MSA has been able to obtain copies and will be happy to send you one on request. Please either write, Masonic Service Association, 8120 Fenton Street, Ste. 203, Silver Spring, MD 20910, or e-mail [email protected] and request a copy of “The Legend Lives On” issue and one will be promptly mailed to you.

Think About It

            “I can not count the number of times in my Masonic career that I have heard “we must beat our own drum, quit hiding our light under a basket.”

            A very wise man in the days of my youth cautioned me; “If you are really good at something, you will not need to tell anyone how good you are, someone else will do the telling.”

            I submit for your consideration that if we spent our time and energy in the “doing”, in the exemplification and performance of our charges and obligations to ourselves, to our brothers, and to our God; and spent less time in the “telling”, we may be pleasantly surprised how good we could get at “improving and strengthening the character of the individual man.”

            I submit that if we concentrate on the “doing”, there will be plenty of those to do the “telling.”

(Source: Philip G. Buchholz, PGM, Grand Lodge of Wyoming)
(Quote from a paper delivered at the Grand Lodge of Utah)

 Solomon's Builders

Solomon’s Builders
Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the
Secrets of Washington, DC
(ISBN 10:1-56975-579-5)

   Solomon’s Builders will transport you back to the birth of a radical new nation, telling the story of a secretive society that influenced and inspired the formation of what would become the most powerful country on earth—the Unites States. A historical expose’ that reads like a thriller; this book follows George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and the other Founding Fathers who transferred the philosophies of their Masonic lodges into models for a new democracy.

   In this exciting book, author and Freemason Christopher Hodapp pieces together evidence of this legacy, much of it still visible today, revealing mystical Masonic symbolism and imagery hidden in the design of Washington, D. C., its monuments, statues, buildings, icons and currency.

   From “all seeing eyes,” pentagrams, and Egyptian-inspired obelisks, to the imposing and mysterious Masonic temples of the “Widow’s Sons,” Solomon’s Builders will guide you on a Freemason’s tour of our country’s capital, separating fact from fiction and uncovering the backdrop of Dan Brown’s upcoming sequel to the DaVinci Code.

Christopher Hodapp is a Freemason, Past Master of two lodges, and author of Freemasons for Dummies.

(This description of his new book comes from a news release by his publisher Ulysses Press.)

 Northwest Indian Veterans Association

            The presentation of flags was performed at the recent Conference of Grand Masters by the Northwest Indian Veterans Association. This association states:

   In 1989 the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians (ATNI) formed the Northwest Indian Veteran’s Association (NIVA). Several tribes throughout the Northwest formed chapters’ of NIVA.

   NIVA chapter’s were formed to serve the needs of the Indian Veteran community. One goal is to ensure access to the VA’s health care system. Another is to seek out all entitlements and benefits that would serve our veterans. NIVA works to identify programs and agencies that can assist Indian veterans in improving their quality of life.

            Those interested in further information may contact:

Northwest Indian Veterans Association
Portland/Vancouver Chapter
PO Box 1035
Portland, OR 97207
or call 503-220-8262, Ext. 31779


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