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Emessay Notes March 2008

Appeal for Relief -- Tennessee

            The Grand Lodge of Tennessee is asking for assistance to help them recover from the tornadoes that struck February 5, 2008. Damage was extensive and loss of life was very high. In fact, the Grand Lodge of Tennessee tells us that at least 5 of their members were killed in this devastating storm. Help in their recovery is urgent.

            Please forward to the MSA such funds as you feel appropriate to help our devastated Brethren and their families in this stricken jurisdiction. Please make checks payable to the MSA Disaster Relief Fund and send to 8120 Fenton Street, Ste. 203, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4785

            Thank you very much for your help!

MSA Executive Commission

            The management and direction of the affairs of the Masonic Service Association shall be vested in an Executive Commission composed of five Commissioners and a Chairman. Currently serving in these positions are:

Chairman:   William G. Roberts, PGM (Nevada)


Raymond J. Vanden Berghe, Sr. PGM, (New Jersey),  North Atlantic Division

G. Ray Marsh, PGM (South Carolina), South Atlantic Division

Lanny R. Sander, PGM (Oklahoma), Central Division

Thomas H. Galyen, PGM (Ohio),  Great Lakes Division

Frederick L. Sorsabal, PGM (California), Western Division

Shriners Hospitals for Children

            In 2007, it will cost Shriners Hospitals for Children $1.975 million per day to operate its extensive network of 22 hospitals, providing care and treatment to thousands of kids. This enormous effort, which has touched the lives of approximately 835,000 children and their families, began 85 years ago, with the opening of a single hospital.

            On Sept. 16, 1922, the first Shriners Hospital for Children opened in Shreveport, LA. The first patient to be admitted was a little girl with a clubfoot. The Shreveport Hospital cared for 483 children in its inaugural year.

            Three more Shriners Hospitals opened in 1923, followed by another three the next year. By the end of the decade, there were 15 Shriners Hospitals serving children with orthopaedic problems from Honolulu to Philadelphia. Today, there are 19 Shriners Hospitals serving as major referral centers for complex orthopaedic treatments for children, including one in Mexico City and Montreal.

            In the mid 1960’s, 40 years after opening the first Shriners Hospital, the fraternity opened three Shriners Hospitals specializing in acute and rehabilitative burn care.

            As it has for 85 years, Shriners Hospitals for Children remains committed to providing care at no charge and relies on the generosity of Shriners and other donors to continue its mission of caring for children through treatment, research and teaching.

            For more information, please visit, or call (800) 237-5055 in the U.S. or (800) 361-7256 in Canada

(Source: Shrine News Release)

Vermont Eastern Star Supports Our Veterans!

            The Masonic Service Association Visitor’s program is a very deserving project that Sister Karen K. Price, Worthy Grand Matron and I. Brother Roland F. Godin, Worthy Grand Patron of Vermont have asked our membership to support this year. They have responded with great enthusiasm.

            As you may already know we delivered a pickup load of items to the Grand Lodge office to distribute to the several hospitals that your program serves. We hope that these items are of help to you when making your visits. The members of our 40 chapters from all over the state embraced this program and gave generously to it. We still have a few chapter meetings to attend and are sure we will have more items for you. If there is anything you might need that you have not received, please let us know so that we might be able to get it for you.

            The sisters and brothers of the Order of the Eastern Star here in Vermont are proud of our servicemen and servicewomen and their sacrifice on our behalf is immeasurable. This is a small way for us to say thank you for all they have done.

            On behalf of all of the members of the Vermont Eastern Star family, we thank you too for giving so much of your time to this great cause.


Karen K. Price                                    Roland F. Godin
Worthy Grand Matron                         Worthy Grand Patron

(Source: Letter to the MSA Hospital Representatives in Vermont)


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