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Emessay Notes May 2012 

400 Attend Anniversary Table Lodge In Maryland

The Grand Lodge of Maryland kicked off a series of events to observe its 225th anniversary with a Table Lodge, attended by some 400 brethren filling the Ballroom in the Grand Lodge building in Cockeysville.

Occurring on the exact day -- April 17 -- that the Grand Lodge was founded in 1787, the Table Lodge included a series of 10 toasts, some recognition of history of early Lodges, and great fellowship by the large group of brethren present.  Grand Master Stephen J. Ponzillo, III, presided over the event.  Additional anniversary activities are planned in May.

Oklahoma Endows Masonic Institute

The Grand Lodge of Oklahoma has presented a check for $100,000 to Rogers State University in Claremore to establish the Masonic Institute for Student Engagement and Transformative Learning.  The institute will support annual programs which involve students in the community through both classroom and outside activities.

The Grand Lodge of Oklahoma, for years, through its foundation, has been giving grants to public colleges and university in the state.

Another example is a donation made by the Grand Lodge in the Spring, 2010, to create the Masonic Institute for Citizenship Studies at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva.  Among the missions of this institute is to foster an ethos of constructive patriotism, public service, and civic engagement and to assist such related events such as Constitution Day, the Cultural Heritage Lecture Series, the Presidential Lecture Series and other related innovative programs.

Famous Worshipful Master From 200 Years Ago

Dr. Edward Jenner, an early English physician, was Worshipful Master of Royal Faith and Friendship Lodge No. 270, in Berkeley, England, in 1811-1813. He is credited with the discovery in 1789 that milk maids who had had smallpox did not get the disease when exposed to it. This led to the successful smallpox vaccine shortly thereafter.

 Wig And White Socks' Night In Washington Lodge

Little Falls Lodge, in Vader, Washington, has an annual "Wig and White Socks Night" at Lodge.  The brethren arrive, wearing their white socks with wigs tucked in pockets.  When the Worshipful Master asks the brethren to be properly clothed, the brethren pull out the wigs and put them on.

At the most recent event on February 24, both the Grand Masters of Washington and Oregon were present, and imposed "fines" for those not "properly attired." 

By the end of the night, Little Falls Lodge has raised $2,500 for a local charity to provide clothing to children in need.  Nearly 40 brethren, wearing their wigs, posed for a picture after the meeting.

(Source: Oregon Masonic News, April, 2012)

Origin Of 'Grand Sword Bearer' Position

The office of Grand Sword Bearer goes back to the earliest days of Masonry (it's mentioned in the second edition of Anderson's Constitutions) and is patterned after an office bearer in London (and other cities), who carries the Lord Mayor's sword before him during processions.

According to David J. Williamson, Grand Chaplain Emeritus of the Grand Lodge of New York, the sword is symbolic of the Mayor's role as chief law enforcement officer.

In Grand Lodge, a Grand Sword Bearer is a living symbol of the Grand Master's authority and responsibility to enforce the Landmarks, Constitutions, rules, and edicts of the Craft.

(Source: The Empire State Mason, Spring, 2012)

Solomon's Stones In Washington Cathedral

Stones supposedly taken from King Solomon's Temple became popular in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and were included in numerous modern cathedrals.

The interest emerged as more modern research developed in Biblical archaeology and when stones excavated from King Solomon's Temple were placed within St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

According to Dr. David Harrison, a noted history lecturer, who completed his Ph.D. on the history of Freemasonry in 2008 at the University of Liverpool, the high altar in the Washington National Cathedral was made from stone which was quarried from King Solomon's Quarries, which supposedly supplied the stone for the Temple.

The building of the beautiful gothic Washington National Cathedral commenced in 1907, when Freemason Theodore Roosevelt laid the foundation stone.

(Source: Knight Templar Magazine, March, 2012)

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