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Emessay Notes November 2000

The Craft's Noyse

Recently, MSA published The Craft's Noyse (Noyse is an archaic term for Music). It is an annotated listing of Masonic composers and lyricists, written by Jim Tresner. Nearly every Brother knows that many famous composers, from Mozart to Irving Berlin, were Masons. Not until The Craft's Noyse, however, has there been a comprehensive listing, accompanied by informative comments on each composer or lyricist, of the thousands of Brethren over the past three centuries who have contributed to the rich musical heritage of Freemasonry and the world. Jim Tresner's excellent new work fills this void and is sure to leave every reader, Mason or not, with a song in his heart and a renewed pride in an institution which has included and inspired so many men of musical genius. The Craft's Noyse, available for $4.00 each + $1.50 s/h (postage discount applies when purchasing multiple copies). Order from the MSA at the address below.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Retires

In his "Farewell" letter to constituents Senator Moyhihan said he was writing from a schoolhouse, "where we have a History of Delaware County 1797-1880". He then referred to groups listed in Delaware County as Societies. Included was the statement "The Free Masons were also represented". Senator Moynihan commented "Freemasons are fine citizens - then and now". MSA concludes this is a very nice statement from a very good man.

Masonic Covers for Country Music

Bro. Edsel Hatfield has recently prepared a series of 15 Masonic Cacheted Postal Cards using the March 18, 2000 card featuring the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. The singers featured are: Roy Acuff, Eddie Arnold, Roy Clark, Wilma Lee Cooper (OES), Jimmie Davis, "Little" Jimmie Dickens, Benj. F. "Whitey" Ford, Louis "Grandpa" Jones, Pee Wee King, Charlie Louvin, Jimmie Rodgers, "Hank" Thompson, Mel Tillis, Charlie Walker, and "Teddy" Wilburn. Information on purchasing this set or selected items can be obtained from Edsel Hatfield, PO Box 36, Hazelwood, MO 63042

(Source: The Philatelic Freemason, July-August 2000)

The Beacon Project

Here's a gift that will help all children

375 Michigan Lodges will make this gift possible. For years now, Masons in Michigan have been looking for an effort they can support that helps all children. Already, Masons offered financial assistance through the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Student Model Assistance Program and both have been very successful. For the most part, however, this support from Michigan Masons has been financial in nature with little or no direct contact between the members volunteering at the local lodge level and the charities they were supporting.

A big time gift

Now, all that will change, starting with the announcement that Michigan Masons would pledge at least 200,000 volunteer hours to elementary schools. Now Masons at the lodge level will have a perfect reason to be involved, in person, with the children in their community schools where they will give the gift of time.

Benefits for the school

  • An elementary school near your lodge could receive up to 175 hours of volunteer services from Masons in your lodge over three years.
  • Children will meet and get to know you as a man and as a Mason. 
  • Schools will be able to do more and accomplish more. 
  • Students who do not have fathers living at home will meet a man they can look up to.
  • Schools can teach more, do more and achieve more. 
  • Existing HOST program provides perfect structure.

Benefits to the volunteer

  • You will be where the real action is 
  • You will see kids in a whole new light 
  • You will learn and have fun too 
  • You will really make a difference

(Note: The above information was taken directly from the brochure prepared by the Grand Lodge of Michigan and distributed to all Michigan Lodges. MSA has long supported volunteering in public schools because Freemasons have always supported Public Education!)

Shrine Bowl Player a Shriner

In a pre-game ceremony on August 5, 2000 in front of one of the largest Shrine Bowl crowds ever, Middlebury High School football hero Nick Atwood received his fez to become Noble Nick Atwood. Nick was raised as a Master Mason on February 5, and was formally inducted July 12 into Cairo Temple, Rutland, VT. Nick became only the second player in Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl history to play the game as a Shriner. (Source: Cairo Courier, Rutland, Vermont) (Note: Vermont is one of the Grand Jurisdictions who have lowered the age to petition to 18. Brother and Noble Nick Atwood is the second Vermont Mason and Shriner to play in the Shrine Game between Vermont and New Hampshire).

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