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Emessay Notes November 2001

2001 Green Envelope Appeal

I have had a great privilege in life to be able to travel and to study Freemasonry in many other countries of the world. I have talked with members who have not been able to practice Freemasonry openly, and have seen a far greater respect exhibited by these members for our fraternity. I have always had a great love and appreciation for this great country of ours, but these observations have caused me to appreciate even more the meaning of the words, Land of the Free. I have also had a great appreciation and respect for the sacrifice and commitment of our veterans in preserving that heritage. These observations also caused me to acknowledge even more that the Land of the Free requires Home of the Brave. These men and women were brave, and as a result we are free. The brave were there when they were needed, and our commitment must always be to thank them. The Masonic Service Association, through the Hospital Visitation Program, provided more than 250,000 man hours in 2000 to thank these veterans for the contribution they made in giving us, among other freedoms, the right to be Freemasons. These volunteers need our support to continue to thank our veterans. Let Freemasons never fail to thank both.

(2001 Appeal Letter prepared by Thomas Jackson, PGS, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and Executive Secretary, World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges).

Valley of the Craftsmen

Valley of the Craftsmen, A Pictorial History, Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction, 1801-2001 is a large-size (10.5" X 12"), hardcover, color-illustrated book now available from the Supreme Council, S.J., in time to mark the Council's 2001 Bicentennial Celebration. Hundreds of rare photos and illustrations depict 200 years of Scottish Rite achievement in the context of events in American history. The book is available at a special Bicentennial discount price of $45.00 (domestic S/H included; $15.00 U.S. for foreign shipment) from: The Supreme Council, 1733 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009-3103. VISA and MasterCard accepted by mail, phone (202) 232-3579 or fax (202) 387-1843 or order online at

ON NOV. 11

Condolences and Sympathy

Dear Brothers of the Masonic Service Association of North America, through your organization allow me the privilege to express on behalf of my Office Bearers and members of our District Grand Lodge and indeed as well on behalf of all Scottish Freemasons of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the families of all those who lost their lives in the tragic events in the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks on the United States of America. We especially grieve for those of our fellow Masons and their families who may be amongst the numbers who died. We pray that the Great Architect of the Universe will comfort those who mourn and that he will give them strength in their troubled days ahead. We ask for guidance for the Government Leaders who have to deal with this terrible and immense problem of restoring peace and safety. We hope and pray that there will be an end to this threat to innocent people everywhere and that justice will prevail. God Bless you all.

Walter Cotter, Right Worshipful District Grand Master District Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Grand Lodge of Scotland

Ohio Masons Support Special Olympics

A rousing, standing ovation greeted more than 150 Ohio Masons as they entered St. John's Arena in Columbus for the opening ceremonies of the Summer Games of this year's Ohio Special Olympics. The pride of those Masons, all clad in their aprons, was intense as they circled the floor, and as the cheers and applause persisted. That pride, which should be shared by all Masons in the state, was even greater a few minutes later, as Grand Master Jack L. Allen presented an enlarged check to Special Olympics for $105,311, a 73 percent increase in giving from one year ago. The warmth and appreciation received from the Special Olympics athletes, their families, friends, and other supporters, makes all the fund-raising efforts worthwhile, according to Michael Cecil, Chairman of the Grand Lodge Committee. "As we enter the 19th year of supporting Ohio Special Olympics, I see renewed support of this worthwhile cause," Cecil said. "Ohio Special Olympics athletes know who we are and that we care about them." He attributed much of the success to a new "back to basics" program of working towards a goal, rather than simply donating. He said success stories are still coming in from local Lodges, that programs like this are increasingly becoming part of their local communities. The committee is already working on the program for next year.

(Source: BEACON, Summer 2001)

Vermont Holds !st Grand Masters Class

The Grand Lodge of Vermont held its first Grand Masters Class in Rutland, VT on Oct. 20, 2001. More than 130 candidates became Master Masons on that occasion. What made the event even more exciting is that it was held in the Knights of Columbus Hall.

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