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Emessay Notes November 2004

2004 Green Envelope Appeal

Dear Brethren:

The Masonic Service Association of North America has invited me to write to you about its annual Green Envelope Appeal. As a Veteran, I am honored to do so. Your support of this worthy cause is most appreciated and needed. We know of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, both in past and present conflicts.

I could tell you of the helicopter crewmen who flew into hostile territory to rescue Lt. Fields, a pilot in my squadron. Another was a Navy corpsman who ran into the middle of a fierce firefight to lie on top of a wounded marine. We continue to hear heroic accounts of the bravery of military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The volunteers of the Hospital Visitation Program of the MSA give more than a quarter of a million hours of time each year bringing a Masonic presence to these, our brothers and sisters, who have been wounded or injured serving our nation. This need grows each year. The MSA needs your financial support to carry on this worthy mission. We need you to dig deeply into your pocket to support the Green Envelope Appeal, a major source of funding for the Hospital Visitation Program. Our brothers and sisters who have served bravely-in our place-deserve our support. My prayer is that each of us will go "the second mile" to support this important appeal.

Gary H. Leazer Grand Chaplain - Grand Lodge of Georgia

A&E Television Networks

The A & E Television Networks are producing a video titled History VS Hollywood, to be aired on Nov. 17, 2004. The premise of the video is that Hollywood often takes liberties with historical facts when producing films. A case in point is the upcoming film National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. This movie suggests that Freemasons, more especially Knights Templar, were involved in guarding a huge "national treasure."

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial was visited by the History Channel and they were given an opportunity for a guided tour of the building. Included in several interviews was one with Richard E. Fletcher, Executive Secretary, The Masonic Information Center.

Tattered Flag Back in Iowa

A blood stained, battle-torn flag from at least a dozen Civil War campaigns has finally returned to Iowa. For the first time since just after the Civil War, the 33-star Union flag made in 1861 by women in Marengo, rests again in Iowa. It's now in the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum at 813 First Ave. SE, in Cedar Rapids-a gift from the Scottish Rite in Yankton, SD.

After the flag was made, it was given to Co. B, 28th Iowa Volunteers. The company was organized by 1st Lt. James T. Sargent and the battle flag went with the company into several conflicts, including Vicksburg and Sherman's March to the Sea.

Members of Co. B gave the flag to Sargent at the close of the Civil War. He later moved to Yankton, S.D., where the flag was often displayed in Memorial Day programs and parades. After Sargent's death, his son, William F. Sargent, gave the flag to the Scottish Rite in Yankton. It has been in the Masonic Temple there for many years.

Masonic Grand Secretary/Grand Librarian, Bill Crawford of Cedar Rapids, said he and his friend, Charles Kaufman, deputy of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council for South Dakota, talked about the flag. "He felt it should come back to Iowa where it came from-and would we like to have it for our library and museum," Crawford said. Once preserved, the flag may be displayed from time to time but not permanently to limit its stress.

(Source: William Crawford, GS - Iowa) (The Gazette - 9-22-04)

How Many Masons Signed the Declaration of Independence?


William Ellery - Benjamin Franklin - John Hancock -  Joseph Hewes - William Hooper - Robert Treat Paine - Richard Stockton - George Walton - William Whipple

How Many Masons Signed the Constitution of the U.S.?


Gunning Bedford, Jr - John Blair - David Brearley - Jacob Broom - Daniel Carroll - Jonathan Dayton - John Dickinson -  Benjamin Franklin - Nicholas Gilman - Rufus King James McHenry - William Paterson - George Washington

(Source: MSA Digest, Masonic Membership of the Founding Fathers)

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