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Emessay Notes October 2001

Appeal for New York - Virginia

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 will be etched in our memories for all time. Less visible but of tragic consequence and importance is the human need that resulted from these tragedies. Rebuilding is going to take a very long time and will need a great deal of support. We urge all Masons to respond to this appeal.

The Grand Lodges of New York and Virginia are facing an enormous job, but are already at work. Assistance to these two Grand Lodges will be divided 75% NY and 25% VA for undesignated gifts. Designated gifts will be sent in their entirety to the Grand Lodge named.

Please forward to the MSA such funds as you feel will be appropriate to help our devastated Brethren in New York and Virginia. Please make checks payable to the MSA Disaster Relief Fund and send to the address below.

The need for blood is also urgent. We urge all Masons to continue giving blood as frequently as possible because the needs are going to continue at a very high level well into the future.

Message of Comfort from Argentina Masons

Today Freemasonry worldwide is in mourning, dismayed by the irrational and evil event that sorrows the United States and the whole world.

In view of such a sad event, Argentine Freemasonry wishes to convey to all brethren in the United States and to all American people its most profound and deeply felt solidarity, in the hope that such a terrible event will never happen again.

Please receive our affection and solidarity in this hour of sorrow in the face of such a most unimaginable, fundamentalist and reprehensible deed. 

(This was an e-mail MSA received from the Grand Lodge of Argentina)

America will re-build and Freemasons will be there in this hour of need!


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