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Emessay Notes October  2002

What's New?

Guidelines for Contributing Material to Public and Masonic Media

That's the name of the new, attractive, two-color, 12 page brochure, just published by the Masonic Information Center. A copy has been sent to all who receive the Short Talk Bulletin, and the Scottish Rite Journal mentioned the brochure on pg. 30 in the Sept 2002 issue.

The brochure is designed to assist anyone wishing to prepare submissions to the print media, whether it be for a Lodge trestleboard, Grand Lodge magazine, or a local newspaper. Also, guidelines are provided for approaching the electronic media, such as local radio stations or public access television. Another section deals with how to develop your own local Lodge web site.

Guidelines for Contributing Material to Public and Masonic Media is available through the Masonic Information Center at a cost of $.50 each, 40% discount for lots of 50 or more copies, plus shipping and handling. Order through the Masonic Information Center at the MSANA address below.

Ohio Masons Give $125,000 to Special Olympics

More than $125,000 has been donated by the Freemasons in Ohio to support the athletes who participated in the 2002 Ohio Special Olympics Summer Games in Columbus in June.

"This once again shows the commitment of Ohio's Freemasons to contribute to this worthy cause and make it easier for these nearly 3,000 special athletes to enjoy their annual competition," said Michael Cecil, chairman of the Grand Lodge program.

Masonic Lodges all over Ohio have worked for months raising the money, including a series of spaghetti dinners in many communities. Masons also volunteer for a variety of duties in Columbus during the summer Games, as well as at local and district Special Olympics activities.

(Source: Beacon - Summer 2002)

DeMolay Homecoming

Since our time in DeMolay, life has taken us in many directions, but now it is time for us to come home. The DeMolay International Alumni Association is proud to announce the first Annual Homecoming Weekend, A Moment in Time … Make plans to join us in Kansas City, the home of DeMolay, for the first-ever Alumni Homecoming weekend, November 15-17, 2002. Reunite with DeMolay brothers from every generation as we share common memories, reminisce about simpler times, rediscover old friends, and celebrate the bond that unites us all … DeMolay. Whether it has been a few years or several decades, we all have fond memories of our time in DeMolay. Come be a part of the fun and camaraderie as we relive great DeMolay memories, and create a few more. It's been a long time. So, come reconnect with your DeMolay family for this very special weekend. It wouldn't be the same without you. For more information call 1-800-DEMOLAY, ext. 506, or visit the web site at 

(Source - DeMolay News Release)

Sasha Toperich

At a time when musicians are narrowing their horizons to serve popular tastes, 30-year old concert pianist Sasha Toperich has widened the arc of his career by bridging the worlds of art and diplomacy. By the age of 25, he had accepted the mission of using his art to benefit the cultural and economic interests of the country in which he was born - Bosnia - and the country he adopted at 21, Israel. With this goal in mind, he has spent the last decade as a goodwill ambassador. He has blended music and diplomacy, entering high-level governmental corridors and opening ever-widening doors with the goal of forging cultural exchange and business expansion in Bosnia by the promotion of democracy and economic development through American and Israeli investment. "Art can help us cross bridges," says the soft-spoken musician, who nostalgically recalls his early life in his native city of Sarajevo. It was a childhood marked by peace, economic stability, safe salaries and vacations-a climate, he prays, that will someday be restored. He lived, he recounts, among a warm-hearted people who practiced tolerance and goodwill to all faiths. He retains the gentleness and generosity of the Sarajevo that used to be, as well as its accent, though he speaks fluent English. History, in the form of war and terror in his native land, taught Sasha the fragile nature of peace and tolerance. "That experience," he says, "brought me into the world of cultural diplomacy. Globalization has made us much more aware of each other, and that can work to the benefit of people who want to do the right things. I would like to invite all artists to extend their horizons and work as cultural diplomats. The world could then be a better place." Sasha Toperich, pianist, diplomat and human rights advocate, continues his efforts to repair a flawed world. His musical message resounds in concert halls around the world, where he draws high praise from his critics and his audiences. His diplomatic message resounds as well-in the halls of Congress, in the hills of Jerusalem, and the canyons of New York City, where it, too, is well-received. Bro. Sasha Toperich is a member of Holy City Lodge #4 in Jerusalem. 

(Information courtesy of Richard Bateman, GL of NY) 

(Source: Lifestyles International Edition Fall 2002)

St. Johns Lodge #1 - Washington Bible

The historic bible belonging to St. John's Lodge #1 was used in the historic session of Congress held at Federal Hall in New York City on Friday, September 6th. The Chaplain of the House referred to the Bible used by George Washington and five other Presidents, when they took their oath of office, as the congressional session began commemorating 9-11. The bible is on permanent loan by the Masons and is housed in Federal Hall, the site of Washington's inauguration. 

(Source: G.L. of NY Public Relations Committee News Release)


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