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Emessay Notes October 2007

Missouri Widows Sons

         The Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Association of Missouri is a Masonic booster club open to all members of the fraternity that enjoy riding motorcycles.

         Our organization strives to come to the relief of Masons, widows, and orphans through volunteer projects and working with the Grand Lodge of Missouri to make sure any needs are met and exceeded.

         Family events are held throughout the year varying from cookouts to large scale motorcycle events, such as poker runs and bike shows. These gatherings give our members a chance to show their families the positive impact that Masonry has had on their lives.


         Our Masonic members are an internationally based group of Masons who have joined together to share the thrill of riding with other members of our fraternity.

         To be a full member you must be a Master Mason in good standing, and own a motorcycle that is 500cc or bigger.

         All our members are encouraged to support their local Blue lodge. Most of our members hold office in their respective lodges or are Past Masters or Right Worshipful Brothers.

         Masonic Ritual is very important to us, as that is what truly ties all of us together.

Our History

         The Widows Sons International was founded in 1999 with the first Grand Chapter in the State of Illinois and many others soon followed. Currently we have chapters in 20 states and International groups located in England and Canada.

For more information please contact:

Missouri Widows Sons
2602 ½ St. Joseph Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64505


Norman Crosby

            Norm Crosby, the Master of Malaprop, is among the most recognized and widely quoted performers in show business. For many years Crosby has been one of the busiest of the “name” comedians in the nation’s best resorts, casino showrooms, and on the banquet circuit; as well as the top television shows, both network and cable channels. Norm has appeared in several motion pictures and at the time of this writing is working on DVD’s for his Norm Crosby’s Comedy Shop which will soon be marketed nationally.

            Born and raised in the Boston area, Norm served in the U.S. Coast Guard as a radar operator in the North Atlantic on anti-submarine patrol where he developed a hearing problem caused by concussions from the depth charges. Because of this hearing affliction, Crosby has a special interest in the problems of the hearing impaired. He was the first National Chairman for the Council for Better Hearing. He is a trustee of the Hope for Hearing Foundation at UCLA and he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as his Special Ambassador for Better Hearing and Speech Month. He has also been a fund raiser and tireless worker for the City of Hope, the internationally famous hospital and medical research facility in Duarte, California. Crosby has served as the City of Hope’s National Ambassador of Good Will for twenty years. Norm is also a National Ambassador for Childhelp USA, and helped launch National Childhood Abuse Month at the White House in Washington, D.C.

            Masonically, Norm was raised in 1956 in Massachusetts and served as Master there and later moved to California where he affiliated with Ionic Composite Lodge No. 520 in California.

            Norm Crosby is indeed a Mason’s Mason, not only having taken degrees, but living the life of an active Mason, spending much of his time improving the health and welfare of his fellowman. He has been honored by our fraternity, by the leaders of our country and by his profession and he continues to offer himself for the benefit of others. I know that I am very proud to have two descriptions of Norm in my vocabulary … “A Mason’s Mason” and “My brother and friend.”

(Source: Melvin Nahin, PGM CA – a close friend of Norm Crosby)

Did Your Know?  Why is the Masonry of today called “speculative”?

            The word is used in the sense that the Masonry of today is theoretical, not practical, building; that it is a pursuit of knowledge, not of the construction of edifices.

            Speculative Masonry began with the practice of admitting to membership in operative lodges men who were not practical builders, stonecutters, architects, etc, but who were interested in the moral, ethical and philosophical teachings of the Fraternity.


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