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Emessay Notes February 2014


Unusual Facts About George Washington

The month of February – and its Presidents Day holiday – is a good time to share some facts about George Washington.  Our first President, an active Master Mason, had a number of unusual quirks. 

Here are a few, as published in the "Trestleboard," the newsletter of Washington Daylight Lodge #14 in the District of Columbia.

  • George Washington joined the British Navy at age 14.
  • His education was provided by his father and his brother Lawrence.
  • His father owned 10,000 acres of land in Virginia and was also part owner of an iron mine.
  • George Washington was the only President to be elected unanimously.
  • He never wore a powdered wig, which was the fashion of gentlemen at that time.
  • George Washington never shook hands with anyone.
  • George Washington was the first to travel to a foreign country as President (Barbados).
  • George Washington had all of his teeth removed at age 57.
  • He was employed by Lord Fairfax as a surveyor in Culpepper County, VA.
  • His favorite foods were pineapple and Brazil nuts.


Example Of Masonic Brotherhood And Caring

The MSA Office received an email from a U.S Serviceman and Mason, Brother Jeremy Moak.  "I'm a Master Mason from a lodge in Colorado, on active duty stationed in Italy.  I had a bad landing during an airborne jump in Italy on Dec. 18 and I've been in the hospital since.  I'm now back in the states at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio." 

MSA later discovered that he had broken both ankles, one so bad he had to undergo surgery and will have a long period of rehabilitation.  Brother Moak continued, "I'm interested in having some brothers visit me in the hospital, since I'm alone with no family or friends here."

MSA contacted Jack Norton, MSA Hospital Representative in San Antonio and his Deputy Rep, Charles Whetstone, who set up some visitations for Brother Moak.  MSA also informed the Grand Secretary of Texas and sent out a note via the e-mail distribution chain of Carl E. Jones, seeking San Antonio area Masons and Lodges to make some visits.

Less than 48 hours after the initial request, Brad Kohanke, Worshipful Master of Davy Crockett Lodge, made the first visit.  Since then, dozens of Masons have visited Brother Moak, giving a brotherly touch to his very difficult convalescence.


More Suggestions For Old Masonic Bibles

In the December, 2013, Emessay Notes, a suggestion was made about how to handle Masonic Bibles, which may be given to the Lodge – or an individual – following the death of a Masonic member.  The suggestion involved contacting the American Legion, which has a solemn ceremony for destroying old flags and Bibles.

Two brothers have written with some alternative suggestions:

  • Richard Pigott, a brother from Long Island, NY, suggested that the Bibles be donated to Veterans retirement and nursing homes. 
  • Vincent DiGiulio, a Rhode Island Mason, said that in Scotland, Lodges place such Bibles in storage, marked with the name of the deceased brother, and hold them with the hope that children or siblings might one day be interested in the Fraternity, and the Bible would be a treasured addition to their new membership.


Briefs Of Interest From The Masonic Family

Gallery Talks at Scottish Rite, NMJ – During February, the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library will host two gallery talks explaining two of the museum's current exhibitions.

  • Saturday, Feb. 8 at 2 p.m. - Journeys and Discoveries: The Stories Maps Tell.  Maps can produce many discoveries. Hilary Anderson Stelling, director of exhibitions and audience development, explores more about the stories maps tell.
  • Saturday, Feb. 15 at 2 p.m. - A Sublime Brotherhood: 200 Years of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  Aimee E. Newell, the director of collections at the Museum & Library, will discuss to the Scottish Rite's French roots, its founding in America two centuries ago and its evolution into a popular fraternal group in the 1900s.

Third Annual International Conference of Freemasonry – Sponsored by the Grand Lodge of California, a variety of Masonic scholars and historians will discuss the impact of Freemasonry in social, political, and cultural areas on March 22 on the campus of UCLA.  For more information and registration, contact James Banta by email, [email protected].

Recent Research at Library of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, SJ – In recent months, the library has hosted researchers from all over the world, Masonic authors, the Librarian from the United Grand Lodge of Romania, and students from George Washington University researching Masonic symbolism.


References To 'Time' In The Scriptures

          "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring." Proverbs 27:1

          "We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work."  John 9:4

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