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Emessay Notes February 2015 

Paul Revere Time Capsule Opened; No Surprise For Massachusetts Masons

The national news media covered it.  No surprise -- there was no mention of Freemasonry. But Massachusetts Masons knew the full story.

On December 11, 2014, a work crew removed the cornerstone from the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill and discovered a time capsule, reportedly from the 1795 Paul Revere era.

However, because The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has kept detailed proceedings since its inception in 1733, "The contents of the capsule are well known to us.  Why?  We were there," according to the Grand Lodge webpage.

In 1795, Boston had purchased a plot east of Beacon Hill, on land previously part of Governor John Hancock's estate, to construct a new state house.  Governor Samuel Adams asked Massachusetts Grand Master Paul Revere to lay the cornerstone in a Masonic ceremony on July 4, 1795.

Grand Lodge records provide a detailed account of the exact contents of the capsule. Only their current condition, after more than two centuries, was unknown.

The capsule was not opened until January 6, 2015.  The contents, exactly what the Massachusetts Masons expected, were in great shape.  See more details and pictures at – -- the Grand Lodge website.

Facility Renamed: Masonic Children's Hospital

A gift from Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC) has prompted the renaming of the hospital at the University of Minnesota to Masonic Children's Hospital.

The facility is one of the country's premiere children's health research and treatment facilities.

"We didn't just want to simply write a check and get our name on a building," according to Eric J. Neetenbeek, Past Grand Master and President of MMC.  "We wanted to improve outcomes for children and their families."

Minnesota Masonry has been a key partner with the University of Minnesota for about 60 years and has donated $125 million to this cause.

Masonic Research Project Follow-Up

Thank you, Emessay Notes readers, for participating in the Masonic Research Survey, described in our November, 2014, issue. 

The Masonic researcher doing the survey, promised to give results to each person taking the survey.  Each participant received a unique identifier at the time they answered the questions.  Using this identifier, participants should go to – -- for results.

Virtually all the persons participating were active Masons.  No candidates participated, and only a handful of former active members and the general public took part.  Anyone in these latter categories is still encouraged to take the survey at the – -- web address.  If you know someone in one of the groups, encourage them to take the survey.

90-Year-Old – Or More -- Masters

In the December issue of Emessay Notes, we introduced Odis Jackson, who was installed as Worshipful Master last year in Alabama on his 97th birthday.

Since then, we have heard of two others in the "90-year-old Worshipful Master's Club" – both of whom are World War II Veterans.

Marion J. NeSmith was installed as Master of Gwinnett Daylight Lodge in Lawrenceville, Georgia, in December at age of 93.  He was raised in Virginia Corinthian Lodge in Norfolk, VA, in 1966.  He reconnected with Masonry in Georgia following his retirement, and has become active in many related Masonic bodies.  He joined the First Virginia National Guard in 1938, was activated for World War II in 1941, deployed to England in 1944, and landed in Normandy, France, a few weeks after D-Day.  Brother NeSmith was highly decorated with the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the Combat Infantry Badge, and other ribbons.  In 2012, France awarded him the rank of Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

Warren Musch, Worshipful Master of Virginia Lodge in Illinois during 2014, also is 93 years of age. His term concluded in January, 2015. He has been a Mason for 71 years, since receiving his Master Mason Degree in 1943.  During World War II, Brother Musch enlisted in the Marines and saw considerable combat in the Pacific, including on Iwo Jima.

2015 Revised MSA Catalog Now Online


 The updated MSA Publications Catalog is ready for viewing at -- MSA's website, the only place the Catalog is available.  You may download or print a copy. NOTE: This replaces all previous editions of the Catalog, and orders placed should be at the current pricing.

The redesigned Catalog shows updated prices on publications, which are required due to the increasing costs of printed materials. We have adjusted our shipping charges and now any order totaling $5.00 or less will ship for free.

  Everything that MSA offers in its Catalog is not at the Online Store, but the most popular publications and those, which we periodically offer at special discounted prices, can be found there. MSA's Online Store may be used for ordering those items using a credit card. All items in the Catalog can be ordered by mail, using the order form and a check.

The list of Short Talk Bulletins--from 1923 to the present--which in the past was printed in the Catalog, is now available as a separate document on the MSA webpage.


This Is Where It Happens


"Masonry is about brothers – and it's about the lodge room.  It's what you do there that counts the most.  Research Lodges, Grand Lodges and other bodies are here to help.  But the future of Masonry is actually in your hands – the hands that welcome each candidate, touch the altar, and raise the Master Mason.  This is where it happens."

(Sanford Holst, Editor, of the SCRL (Southern California Research Lodge) Fraternal Review, December, 2014.)

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