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Emessay Notes May 2014

Who Were The Most Influential Masons Ever?

 One Internet source decided to make a list of 17 of the most influential Masons ever – influential in society, not necessarily within the Fraternity.

Business Insider, in its online edition on March 21, 2014, decided to create a list of important Masons.  The authors do not say exactly what qualifications they used for the list, although they did comment that Masonic members believe in "truth, tolerance, respect, and freedom."

So, this list of "17 of the Most Influential Freemasons Ever," includes:

  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. George Washington
  3. Paul Revere
  4. Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)
  5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  6. Simon Bolivar
  7. John Brown (involved in the disappearance of William Morgan)
  8. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
  9. Winston Churchill
  10. Harry Truman
  11. Alexander Fleming
  12. Earl Warren
  13. J. Edgar Hoover
  14. Douglas MacArthur
  15. John Glenn
  16. Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple)
  17. Jesse Jackson

The writers added a few "honorable mentions" under the headline, "Other Big Names Include:" John Jacob Astor, Andrew Jackson, William "Bud" Abbott, Salvador Allende, Nat King Cole, Samuel Colt, Duke Ellington, all seven Ringling brothers, Shaquille O'Neal, Oscar Wilde, and John Wayne, "just to name a few," it concluded.

Just Complain About Snow? – Not In Minnesota

Rather than just complaining about the unusually high drifts of snow or the record below-zero temperatures this winter, Minnesota Masons used the bitter conditions to reach out to those in need.

Through the Grand Lodge Ladd Fund and Minnesota Masonic Charities, $40,000 was contributed to the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) to make special grants to Military Veterans in the state who faced extraordinarily high heating and propane bills.

At the Grand Lodge Session in April, the MACV thanked the brethren for the help and gave several inspiring examples about what the funding accomplished.

New Artificer Award Created In Nebraska

"The architect began to design, and the plans he laid down, being improved by experience and time, have produced works, which are the admiration of every age." With those words, Kevin Lindly, Grand Junior Steward and chairman of the Awards Committee of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, explained the foundation for the new "Artificer Award."

The award is for new members in the Grand Lodge, the goal to encourage them to receive initial experiences and a well-rounded exposure to the different activities of the Fraternity.

A list of requirements has been produced and new members, guided by mentors, will seek opportunities to develop themselves into knowledgeable, life-long Masons.         

2 NFL Owners – Both Masons – Die In March

Two National Football League team owners died during March.

William Clay Ford, 88, owner of the Detroit Lions, and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills, both died in March.

They had much in common.  Both were outstanding business leaders, influential sports magnates, and respected individuals.  And, both were Master Masons.

Century Old Time Capsule Opened In Dallas

A time capsule was placed by Tannehill Lodge #52 and Dallas Lodge #760 in the cornerstone of the building at Main and Pearl Streets in downtown Dallas during a ceremony on August 23, 1913. 

Tannehill Lodge met in the building until 1919, when it leased the space, and has met elsewhere since.  The building was converted to office space by a new owner about 20 years ago.

The time capsule, meant to be opened 100 years after being placed, gave workers difficulty in its removal, but was finally opened on March 29, 2014.

The contents proved disappointing, according to a report from the Dallas Morning News: a button cover, a Masonic lapel pin, a rusty pocket knife, tattered record books, at least nine worn-down coins, and copy of the newspaper from 1913.  The poor condition of the items in the capsule was the result of the copper capsule being buried at street level, where severe water damage destroyed some of the contents.

But the Dallas Masons plan to learn from this experience.  Later this year, Tannehill Lodge hopes to place a new capsule in a leather or copper box four feet above ground level at a new downtown location, as yet to be determined.

Quote To Ponder

John S. Nagy, a Masonic leadership trainer, who this year received the Duane E. Anderson Excellence in Masonic Education Award from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, wrote this in one of his online commentaries:

"Free and Accepted" means "Superior-Excellent and Initiated," not "Operative and Speculative."  Know your roots! 

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