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Focus - April 2007

Religious Toleration

            Freemasonry has always been in the forefront of supporting freedom of thought, expression, creativity and religious beliefs. The following quote typifies the Masonic commitment to freedom of religion.

            Jasper Ridley in his book The Freemasons quoted from Anderson’s Constitutions in his section on religion and then concluded:

            “This opened the Freemasons’ lodges to anyone who believed in God, or the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ as he is called in Anderson’s Constitutions. Roman Catholics were not excluded. They could not be MPs (Members of Parliament), army officers, or hold any public position in the state; but they would be welcome in a Freemasons’ lodge. Jews were also welcome, though they were at first a little reluctant to join. Jews had been admitted, perhaps as early as 1724, and certainly in 1732.

Great New Book about Freemasonry

BUILDERS OF EMPIRE; Freemasons and British Imperialism 1717-1927

            “This is the first book to study Freemasonry in a global context. Through meticulous research and astute analysis, Harland-Jacobs vividly brings to life the history of the Masonic brotherhood over two centuries in Britain and the empire. She argues convincingly that the tension between inclusion and exclusion in British imperial Freemasonry was the quintessential story of empire. This is an important contribution to imperial history that draws attention to an often neglected chapter in the history of empire: the creation of supranational identities.”

--MRINALINI SINAH, Pennsylvania State University

            “Builders of Empire greatly advances our understanding of Masonry in both Britain and its colonial outposts, and provides an important new perspective on imperialism. This is a significant work, richly imagined, elegantly presented, and deeply engaged with an impressive range of important issues.”

--STEVEN BULLOCK, author of Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Transformation of the American Social Order, 1730-1840

(Source: Builders of Empire; Freemasons and British Imperialism 1717-1927 by Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs)
ISBN: 13: 978-0-8078-3088-8 



Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award: Participant Confirmation

The Masonic Information Center requires that lodges interested in participating in the 2007 Twain Award competition complete and submit the participation confirmation by June 1, 2007.

This date has been extended to August 1, 2007.

Participation confirmations must be TYPED, not handwritten. Forms may be submitted via email or fax.

            The Masonic Information Center has received numerous e-mails from lodges commenting they had just found out about the Twain Award Program and wondered if they could participate in the 2007 program. In response to those inquiries and others who might wish to enter we are pleased to extend the 2007 entry date until August 1, 2007.

Good luck to all our entrants!

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