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Focus - December 2009

Letter from Dan Brown about Freemasonry

Dan Brown – Letter

            The letter from Dan Brown reproduced above was sent to the Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite on the occasion of their 2009 Supreme Council Session. Mr. Brown had been invited to address the guests attending but, because of the release of his new book—The Lost Symbol—he was necessarily involved with activities relating to that event.

The Lost Symbol

            Several Masonic details used in the book The Lost Symbol are incorrect. These inaccuracies were noted in the Nov/Dec 2009—Scottish Rite Journal—and are reprinted here for your information.

There are several Masonic details that are wrong—they don’t detract from the story, they’re not anti-Masonic, but they miss the mark. Here are some of them:

  • The Scottish Rite in America is governed by two Supreme Councils, not just the one in Washington.
  • The head of the Scottish Rite is the “Sovereign Grand Commander” not the “Supreme Worshipful Master” (a position which doesn’t exist).
  • The Thirty-Second Degree is not conferred in a local lodge.
  • You cannot see the altar in the Temple room from the double doors at the entrance, the organ blocks the view.
  • The “circumpunct” or “point within a circle” is only one of many emblems, not uniquely important.
  • The emblem of the Scottish Rite is a double-headed eagle, not a phoenix.
  • A Thirty-third Degree ring is composed of three equal-width bands, usually with a triangle containing “33.”

Twain Award

            Lodge submissions of their material to be considered for a Twain Award are still being received. Right now we already have more than in any previous year! It is truly inspiring to see the work lodges have gone to in making their lodge a vital part of their community. The creativity, imagination and implementation used in the programs carried out in these lodges truly showcases Freemasonry at its highest level.


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