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Focus December 2012

How About A New Lodge Officer -- The Herald?

For years, Masonry has discussed the potential value  of appropriate "public relations" in the Lodge. Creating "awareness" in the community
has been one of the thrusts of the Mark  Twain  Award program.

David Bickel, the Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of North  Dakota, in a November 2012  column in the North Dakota Mason, made the same  suggestion and  actually added a new title for such responsibilities in the Lodge. He wrote the following:

"So it occurred to me that every  Lodge needs a lodge officer with the specific job of cultivating the media and  getting us better exposure for our activities and  noteworthy information. In other  words, we all need a public relations man,  or PR man,  a publicist.

"The dictionary says a publicist (Noun) is someone who gets  publicity for a client; a promoter who seeks to obtain media publicity for a client.
Yes, that's  exactly what  every  Lodge and  the Grand Lodge needs.

"However, such job titles seem  to call up uncomfortable images from the entertainment industry. Maybe a more  regal and  traditional title and  associated image, like "Herald," would befit our office. A herald (Noun) is an official crier  or messenger; one that conveys news  or proclaims; one who actively promotes or advocates.

"The Herald should probably not be a line office but a position where the same  man,  even a Past Master, can  serve  for several years  to fully utilize  his experience and  media contacts, much like a lodge Treasurer. It is a position so important for modern Masonry that it deserves official rank."

Update: New Brochure Popular

What Has Masonry Done BrochureWhat Has Masonry Done for The World?, the new MSA brochure, is already approaching 100,000 copies in circulation.

It is proving to be a popular pamphlet, excellent for building pride and  respect for Freemasonry in the heart  of any Mason, and perfect for reading by friends, family, and  non-Masons.

It describes key historical trends that were  either  initiated or advanced by Masonry. This brochure will be sold  only in lots of 50.

    50 @ .27 = $13.50 + $7.50  for postage
  100 @ .25 = $25.00 + $8.50  for postage
  500 @ .23 = $115.00 + 15.00  for postage
1,000  @ .20 = $200.00 + 25.00  for postage

Update: NY, NJ Disaster Relief

At year-end, more  than $250,000 had  been donated by Masonic members, Lodges and  Grand Lodges to support MSA's  Disaster Relief Appeal
for the Grand Lodges of New York and  New Jersey, following Hurricane Sandy.

A total of $125,000 was sent to each of those Grand Lodges, within  about 30 days of the initiation of the appeal.

This is a bold demonstration of the generosity of Freemasonry across the nation, and shows Masonic brotherly love and  relief  in their purest, simplest forms.
Funds are still coming in regularly, and  the need continues in the two Grand Lodge jurisdictions.  The relief  effort  definitely goes forward in the New Year.


Elk Migration In Colorado Close To Masonic Lodge

Elks Near Lodge

Each  year in Estes Park, Colorado, thousands of elk congregate in search of mates, while  tourists assemble in search of elk.

Last year,  the Associated Press (AP) distributed a feature story  on the phenomenon, which was published in newspapers across the country. Although not published with that story,  the picture here demonstrates how close the friendly elk became with Freemasonry, as they gathered near the meeting place of Estes Park Lodge #183.

According to the AP article, the elk generally live during the summer in the higher elevations of the neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park, but every  September and  October, they descend in great numbers to Estes Park. If you're ever in Estes Park during elk season, make  sure to look for the Masonic Lodge nearby.

*         *         *
This picture continues a FOCUS feature of pictorial examples of Freemasonry on display across North America.

If you have a picture and information to submit, send it to MSA for future possible use.


Did you know?  Lodge room plays available

The Masonic Service Association has more  than a dozen plays designed especially for use in the Lodge Room. Each  one is intended to communicate understanding about some  aspect of Masonry.

A "Catalog of Lodge Room  Plays" is available if any Lodge would like to study possible use of a play.   This Catalog can  be found on the webpage – -- by going to the "search" location and  keying in "Catalog of Plays." Or, send a note or email  to MSA, and  a Catalog will be sent to you free.


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