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Focus - June 2009

The Lost Symbol

            Dan Brown’s new novel, the long awaited sequel to the Da Vinci Code, is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2009. The Lost Symbol according to Brown’s US publisher Sonny Mehta is “a brilliant and compelling thriller” which was “well worth the wait.” Dan Brown has been quoted as saying “This novel has been a strange and wonderful journey”, and continued, “Weaving five years of research into the story’s 12-hour timeframe was an exhilarating challenge. Robert Langdon’s life clearly moves a lot faster than mine.”

It is customary for new books to have a pre-release known as Review Copies. However, when asking for a review copy the Masonic Information Center was advised no copies of the book will be available until the September 15th release. We do not have any idea of the plotline of the book and since it has been a very long time period between the release of the Da Vinci Code and what was then described as a forerunner of a later book to be set primarily in Washington, DC, no one knows how current that information may be.

As is the case with any long anticipated book rumors are abundant and the Lost Symbol is no exception. The most persistent rumor we hear is that the book will involve George Washington, quite possibly in a negative way. Wish we had more information to give our readers but the secrecy being kept on the contents of the book is one of the tightest ever seen in the book publishing industry.


Call for Papers

Symposium on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism
National Heritage Museum, Lexington, Massachusetts

            New Perspectives on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism – Friday, April 9, 2010.

            The National Heritage Museum announces a call for papers for its first biannual symposium, “New Perspectives on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism,” to be held on Friday, April 9, 2010 at the Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts.

            The National Heritage Museum is an American history museum founded and supported by Scottish Rite Freemasons in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States. As the repository of the largest collection of American Masonic and fraternal objects, books and manuscripts in the United States, the Museum aims to foster new research on American fraternalism and to encourage the use of its scholarly resources.

            Deadline for proposals to be received is August 15, 2009. For more information about the National Heritage Museum, see For questions about the symposium contact Aimee E. Newell as above, or call 781-457-4144

Lodge Twain Award Entry Date Extended to August 1, 2009

            MIC is very pleased that lodge interest in the Twain Award Program continues to grow each year. We are still confronting the realization that even though we are in our fourth year of competition, many lodges are still unaware of the program. Because we feel it is extremely important to involve as many lodges as possible, the deadline for entering the Twain award Program for 2009 is extended until August 1, 2009.

            The Twain Award celebrates Masonic Lodges that show exemplary work in planning, implementing/documenting, and reflecting upon how its members collectively enrich the fraternal experience that is uniquely Masonic. Lodges work must demonstrate high energy, fresh enthusiasm, new creativity, and visible productivity in communicating a positive identity of Freemasonry within the Lodge and throughout the greater community. The Twain Award year runs annually from December 1 to November 30. Get the most from your Lodge’s participation by consistently involving, exciting, and challenging all Lodge brethren in activities related to the Twain Award process throughout the year.

            Lodges entrants need to send Twain Award Entry (Registration) Forms of contact information to MIC. Lodges intending to participate in the Twain Award should download an entry/registration form from the Mark Twain Award link available at After completing the form with the Lodge’s contact details, the Lodge should Fax or email the form by June (now August) of the award year.


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