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Focus March 2012

New Mark Twain Award Winning Lodges
For 2011 Announced by MIC

Eighteen Lodges have  been selected by the Masonic Information Center (MIC)  as Mark  Twain  Award winners for 2011.

The primary purpose of the Twain  Award is to recognize outstanding performance and  Masonic Awareness both  within  the lodge and  through the greater community.

The entry  submissions from these  18 lodges displayed in detail the commitment of their members
to bettering both  themselves through self-improvement and  Masonic Awareness in their communities through creativity and  action.

The winners, listed on this page, were  announced in February at the Conference of Grand Masters in

Since  the award program began six years ago,  107 lodges across North  America have  won the designation of a Mark  Twain  Award Lodge.


2012 Entry Forms Available Online

The MIC anticipates another strong year of
Lodge participation in the Twain  Award program in 2012.

We encourage all outstanding Lodges and  those seeking for excellence in Masonic Awareness to apply for the 2012  Twain  Award program. The entry  form is found on our website, www.msana.com

Also,  on the website are found numerous
items  and  descriptions to assist  any applicant lodge in enrolling in the program.

2011 Mark Twain Lodges

Rising Sun Lodge #29   Decatur, Alabama
Matanuska Lodge #7 Palmer, Alaska
Key Lodge #7   Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Oasis  Lodge #52  Tucson, Arizona
St. Joseph Lodge #970 St. Joseph, Illinois
Byron Lodge #80  Byron, Michigan
Red Wing  Lodge #8  Red Wing,  Minnesota
St. John  Lodge #18  Pioche, Nevada
New Hampshire
Benevolent Lodge #7  Milford, New Hampshire
New Mexico
Chapman Lodge #2 Las Vegas, New Mexico
North  Bend Lodge #346 Cleves, Ohio
Oxford Lodge #67  Oxford, Ohio
Manoquesy Lodge #413 Bath,  Pennsylvania
South Carolina
Mariner Lodge #2 Charleston, South Carolina
Damascus Lodge #10    Provo,  Utah
Herndon Lodge #264  Herndon, Virginia
Fredericksburg Lodge #4 Fredericksburg, Virginia
Daylight Lodge #232  Seattle, Washington


Freemasonry On Display Across America


Public awareness of Freemasonry has been one of the goals of the Masonic Information Center since its creation in 1993.   Beginning this issue, we hope to feature pictorial examples of Freemasonry on display in communities across North  America.

If you have  a pictorial example of a public display of our Fraternity, please send a picture and  information to the Masonic Service Association office for consideration for a future  issue.

This first example of "Masonry on Display Across America" comes from Grapevine, Texas.

Grapevine is a small  town  near Dallas, and  attracts thousands of tourists all year with its vintage railroad, annual ChocolateFest, winery tasting rooms, special Christmas festivities, hotels, restaurants, and  golf  courses. Right in the center of historic downtown Grapevine is the Masonic Temple, home  of Grapevine Lodge #288.

On the exterior side  wall of the building is a large, billboard size work  of art, featuring a huge square and compasses, and  highlighting images of 16 well-known Masons -- some  of whom are Texans.

The featured Masons on the building include:  George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jose  Navarro, William B. Travis,  Sam Houston, Lorenzo De Zavala, Stephen F. Austin, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Lindberg, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Will Rogers, Harry  S. Truman, Douglas S. MacArthur, Norman Vincent Peale,  John  Wayne, and  Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin.