Picture of the vintage publicationsFirst Vintage Publications Added to Collection

The first out-of-print publications have been added to the Masonic Service Association’s new webpage Library section, called "Vintage MSA Publications."

They are:

  • “Masonic Questions Answered by the Courts,” by Alphonse Cerza, first published in 1972.
  • “Lodge Guide For Celebrating the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution", published in 1987.
  • “Masonic Renewal Task Force Reports,” published in 1990.

Welcome to the New MSA Webpage!

This newly designed webpage has been in the creation process for about two years, and we hope all the visitors to this site enjoy the new features.

The appearance has been heightened by four rotating pictures at the top, highlighting some of MSA’s services.

The homepage menus are designed for easier progress to the portions of the page you are seeking. Improvements to the Online Store, and easier options to renew subscriptions or make donations, are available.

We’ve created an online MSA Library, where past stories that have appeared on the page may be researched.  We also added a new section, “Vintage MSA Publications,” where soon you will be able to read historic, although still pertinent, publications of MSA that are no longer available elsewhere.

All of the information about MSA’s services is still available for reading, but hopefully presented in a more user-friendly arrangement.  We would appreciate any comments.


MSANA table displayMSA Display Unit Unveiled at Masonic Conference

The Masonic Service Association, for the first time, designed a table-top d isplay for the Annual Conference of Grand Masters of North America, which took place recently in Vancouver, British Columbia.

There was a good response to the display, which showed MSA's Hospital Visitation, Disaster Relief, and Educational and Informational Services. Numerous Masonic leaders from a round the world stopped at the display to pick up samples of materials, ask questions about programs, and just discuss Freemasonry in general.

Disaster Appeal for Baja California Sur Concludes

The disaster relief appeal for Baja California Sur has been concluded and the Masonic Service Association has sent $25,000 -- received from individual, Lodges, and Grand Lodges – to the Gran Logia de Baja California Sur, with headquarters in La Paz, Mexico.

In September, the MSA issued the appeal, following widespread damage in the area from Hurricane Odile.

Many examples of the use of those funds to help individuals, families, and Lodges have been communicated to MSA.  To view some of the examples, go to a special website the Gran Logia has set up – www.msaodile.com/donation-16/ -- for the latest report.  At the bottom you can move backwards and see other uses they made of the disaster funds.

Graphic Examples of MSA Disaster Relief Funds in Action

In September, the Masonic Service Association issued a Disaster Relief Appeal to assist the Gran Logia de Baja California Sur, with headquarters in La Paz, Mexico.  Hurricane Odile had left widespread damage and flooding.

From the initial donations received by MSA and sent to the Grand Lodge, we have received some early reports of how the money is being used.

Brother Valentino Sartev, who has been a liaison between the Gran Logia and MSA, described in several reports what he discovered while dispersing some aid: 

I spent a day in one of the communities today where families have kids sleeping on the floor.  We are buying 25 bed mattresses, sheets, etc. We had the kids copying their feet (tracing the size) on paper sheets, so we can buy shoes for them.  Many haven't been able to go to school for this reason.  They lost everything.


I'm very much concerned in helping the brothers of Lodge "Fieles Obreros" #189 in La Paz.  The Lodge is one of the oldest in the country, more than 140 years.  Part of its roof is literally ripped off and incoming rain is damaging the whole lodge.  The walls of the Lodge are covered with many paintings and need to be rescued.


It is true happiness to see how sharing disaster funds from MSA made another positive change in someone's life.  A widow woman, who last Christmas lost her husband, who was a brother of a 33rd Degree Mason, suffered a huge loss on her property.  Half of the house was literally eaten by the hurricane. The construction that has remained contains two little bedrooms and a bath. Beds and other furniture were destroyed; clothes and more things were sucked through the windows by the winds. She is being helped to put the house back together by the brothers and family and today we donated bed mattresses, sheets, pillows, a front door, bed covers, towels and beds. This woman also is taking care of the two kids of her daughter, who passed away a couple of years ago.

Measured for Shoes

Young feet being measured for shoes.

Before the hurricane

What the La Paz Lodge looked like before hurricane.

House of widow

The house of a widow


Active Appeals - No open disaster appeals at this time

The Green Envelope Appeal raises funds for the Hospital Visitation Program.

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Current Newsletters:   Emessay Notes and Focus 

New Video Highlights MSA Hospital Visitation Program

A new video, "Are Ye Able?" has been produced, which provides a contemporary view of MSA's Hospital Visitation Program.

The goal of the video is to inform the Masonic world, as well as non-Masonic audiences, about the tremendous work of Masonic volunteers as they provide assistance for our Military Veterans at more than 150 VA Medical Centers and other Veterans' homes around the country.  It is also intended to serve as a method to recruit new volunteers.

Copies of the video on a DVD are available at no charge by contacting the MSA office for use in Masonic districts or regions, where it can be shown multiple times to a variety of groups.  The actual filming of the video was done at the VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, and many of the spokespersons are Georgia Masons.  But the content is generic and appropriate for any state or Grand Lodge.

MSA is also proud of the assistance received from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota and is thankful for a grant from Minnesota Masonic Charities that made the production possible.

2015 Revised MSA Publications Catalog Now Online

The newly updated MSA Publications Catalog is now ready for viewing on this site.  The Catalog is available only on our webpage. Click here to download the Catalog in PDF format. Please print a copy for yourself to keep on hand. NOTE: This replaces all previous editions of the Catalog, and orders placed should be at the current pricing.

The redesigned Catalog shows updated prices on publications, which is required due to the increasing costs of printed materials. We have adjusted our shipping charges and now any order totaling $5.00 or less will ship for free.

 Everything that MSA offers in its Catalog is not at the Online Store, but the most popular publications and those which we periodically offer at a special discounted price can be found there. MSA's Online Store may be used for ordering those items using a credit card. All other items in the Catalog can be ordered using the order form and including a check with the order.

The list of Short Talk Bulletins--from 1923 to the present--which in the past was printed in the Catalog, is now available as a separate document by clicking here.

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