Remembering President George H.W. Bush

While we remember President George H. W. Bush, let us not forget what he did for our Veterans.

Click here for a rememberance from the VA..

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Patriot Pack Now Available

The “Patriot Pack,” an assemblage of well researched Masonic papers about the Founding Fathers of the United States and Freemasonry’s impact on the organization and principals on which the country was based is now available at our online store. These booklets are an important inspection of that premise.

These digests are a must read for any student of American history. Brothers Ronald E. Heaton, William Mosely Brown, and W. Eugene Rice have referenced original lodge records and research by noted Masonic historians including James Royal Case, Past Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

The booklets "Masonic Membership of the General Officers of the Continental Army," Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence," Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Constitution," and "Membership of the Founding Fathers" includes those who were Masons, those suspected to be Masons, and even those for whom there has been no record of ever having been a Mason.

"We The People… The Constitution and Freemasonry" suggests that the spirit of Freemasonry had much to do with this treasured document. A comparison of the principals found in the Constitution is discussed.

"Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution in North America" explores the role that Freemasonry played in the development of democracy in the United States and Canada. The Forward, written by Richard E. Fletcher, Past Grand Master of Vermont and past Executive Secretary of MSA, says, “Allen E. Roberts and Wallace McLeod, two of Freemasonry’s most prolific and outstanding writers, have contributed their talents to tell this story.”

These six booklets are available for a limited time, and the time to get them is now. "Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence" is out of print but has been restored from our archives. These booklets can create an interesting lodge discussion or be the basis for further research about Freemasonry’s influence on the beginnings of the United States of America.


The final volume in the series of Short Talk Bulletins Bound Editions will be available Shortly.

As he has done for the past five volumes, renowned Masonic Scholar Brother S. Brent Morris will update, correct, and otherwise improve the bulletins from 2003 to 2017. Each individual volume contained an index to the subjects mentioned in them. The final volume will include an index to all previous volumes.

Volume VI will be available in both Master Mason’s edition and a Grand Master’s Edition. A Lodge Edition will be available when paid with a lodge check. As in the past, pre-orders will be mailed directly from the printer, and extra copies will be stored at MSA headquarters in Burtonsville, Maryland. We anticipate the final volume will be shipped around the holiday period but may slip into the early part of January 2019.

Orders are accepted online, or with this form.

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Orders for the Reprint of Volume I of the Bound Edition of Short Talk Bulletins are Available Now!

A limited reprinting of Volume I of the Short Talk Bulletins Bound Edition, 1923-1937 can be ordered here. The reprinting is available in only the Master Mason edition.

This reprinting of Volume I hs been re-edited by esteemed Masonic Scholar, Brother S. Brent Morris. and includes newly discovered information about the Masonic authors of the first decade of Short Talk Bulletins. The new reprinting also matches the same distinctive blue cover found on previous volumes.

The Short Talk Bulletin has been described as the “Widest Distributed Masonic Publication in the World.” The monthly Bulletin is mailed to every Masonic lodge and Grand Lodge officer in the United States and Canada whose Grand Lodge is a member of the Masonic Service Association of North America. MSA also mails the Bulletin to lodges of the United Grand Lodge of Germany and the York Grand Lodge of Mexico.

Each year since 2013, MSA has published a new volume, usually spanning fifteen years beginning with the initial Volume I. Volume V, released in 2017, covered 1983-2002. Sales of the republication of Volume I will be limited to those who have already ordered at least two prior volumes, or who place orders for two volumes or more in addition to Volume I. Pricing for Volume I is $75 plus $8 shipping and handling. The other volumes have been reduced to this price for a limited time.

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Masonic Service Association Partners with Amity

For many Masons, finding a lodge in another jurisdiction, either state, province, or country, has been a struggle. The Amity mobile app, by Copiri (, was created so any sojourning brother can register and find lodges throughout the world. While still in its infancy, the Amity mobile app is being recognized as a welcome companion to the “List of Lodges - Masonic” published by Pantograph Printing and Stationary Company of Bloomington, Illinois. The “List of Lodges - Masonic” is usually kept at every lodge secretary’s desk for use to validate the recognition dilema faced when a brother who cannot be vouched for attempts to visit a Masonic lodge.

The Amity mobile app is free to install from either the Apple Store for iPhone, or Google Play Store for the Android platform. It allows a search for lodges by city in nearly every country. Once the lodge is found, the user can check if the lodge has been registered with Amity, or the Master or secretary, and if notes have been entered about the lodge. As the developers say, their purpose is to help brothers connect with each other.

The hope is that brothers who want to travel and find lodges outside of their usual borders will download the mobile app. They would then be able to find a lodge, and be able to show their Grand Lodge is recognized by the Grand Lodge they visit. A guest would even be able to “sign in” to the secretary, much as they would with a guest book.

Over 33,000 Masonic lodges and over 250 Grand Lodges around the world are listed. Registered users are spread across 47 states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and in 27 countries.

The Masonic Service Association’s Short Talk Bulletin will also have a presence on Amity’s mobile app. The MSA logo will lead to a location where a Short Talk Bulletin is displayed. A past Short Talk Bulletin will be available on every registered user’s phone to read, and the issue will rotate monthly, free of charge. A year’s subscription to the Short Talk Bulletin will be available for the mobile app. The subscription will also show the past twelve Short Talk Bulletins, again, rotating through the year.

MSA’s Short Talk Bulletin is recognized as the widest distributed Masonic publication in the world. It is printed and sent to member Grand Lodges and their lodges, as well as every Grand Lodge officer and Past Grand Master. The wide ranging topics are meant to be read at a lodge meeting for just a few minutes, thus, the “Short Talk.” Now, with the Amity mobile app, a Bulletin will be available at every meeting.

The goal of this partnership is to expand the reach of each organization through the use of the other’s existing processes. By implementing such a partnership carefully, both the MSA and Amity can impact global Freemasonry in a positive way.

Your Grand Lodge is always the final authority on questions of inter-jurisdictional recognition. When in doubt, consult your Grand Secretary for a final opinion.

And, as our friends at Amity say, "travel... safely."

MSA Publications Now at the Online Store

The contents of the MSA Publications Catalog are now online and ordering takes only a couple of steps. There is a minimum online order of $12, not including shipping.

MSA's Online Store may be used for ordering these items using a credit card.



The Green Envelope Appeal raises funds for the Hospital Visitation Program - Please donate now!

The backbone of the Masonic Service Association is our Hospital Visitation Program. We have Representatives supervising Volunteers at more than 155 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) and State Veterans Homes and they need your help.

These Volunteers are helping us “pay back” the Veterans who served our country and now need our help during their stay at these facilities. For some, this is the only social contact they have. A warm handshake and a friendly pat on the back is the least thanks we can give from a grateful nation.

We can always use more help and more volunteers but this letter is really to ask you to help by giving what you can in support of our Hospital Visitation Program. We need funds to pay for comfort items, for refreshments, and even for the memorials to those Veterans who are no longer with us.

You can help. You can do your share so that the MSA Volunteers can continue their work in helping our Veterans. These Volunteers do good deeds in the name of Freemasonry showing the world that Masons remember how to say “Thanks.” We hope you remember MSA with a donation to the Green Envelope Appeal.

I am so very proud of these Representatives and Volunteers across our country. I see first-hand how much they care for each and every Veteran, but they need your support to continue this good work.

Please support them with a contribution to our Green Envelope Appeal. I hope you will answer our call to help us help our Veterans.

---Simon R. LaPlace, PGM, MSA Executive Secretary

Disaster Appeal For California

Most Worshipful Stuart A. Wright, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California, has requested the Masonic Service Association of North America to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal. Wildfires have brought unprecedented death and destruction across the state. The Grand Lodge is aiding and assisting their Brothers, their families, and their communities in providing aid and assistance.

Grand Master Wright says, “The wildfires now raging in California are unlike anything we’ve seen before. The 215-square mile Camp Fire in Northern California is the deadliest in California history with over 10,000 structures destroyed and dozens of fatalities. The Woolsey Fire has burned nearly 100,000 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and has resulted in additional deaths and destroyed structures. Hundreds of Masons, their families, and widows have been evacuated, and many of them have lost their homes. Places of employment and education have been destroyed, making the immediate future of many in our Masonic family very uncertain. “The loss has been great and, unfortunately, it will only become greater before the fires are contained. There is an immediate need for help.”

Use this Button to Donate to California

Disaster Appeal For Florida

The Masonic Service Association of North America has received a request from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida, MW John E. Karroum for MSA to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal.

"Hurricane Michael made landfall on October 10, 2018 and caused heavy destruction in its path. A week later the death toll is still rising… Clean up from the hurricane has begun and we have been receiving many phone calls requesting assistance. We have started to distribute monetary donations but the balance in our Hurricane Fund is rapidly depleting."

There is an immediate need for help. Kindly distribute this Appeal to as many as possible.

Use this Button to Donate to Florida

Disaster Appeal For South Carolina Concluded

The Grand Lodge of South Carolina has received a tremendous response from their Brethren and from Lodges from other Jurisdictions in light of the damages caused by Hurricane Florence.

Their Masonic Charities and Disaster Relief Board has determined that the requests they have received for assistance due to flooding can be met by the generous donations they have received from MSA and the additional donations from their Brethren.

Consequently, they have asked the Masonic Service Association to conclude our Disaster Relief Appeal and forward any future donations to the Grand Lodge of Florida on their behalf.

Disaster Appeal For North Carolina

Most Worshipful Speed Hallman, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina has requested the Masonic Service Association of North America to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal. Hurricane Florence has produced massive flooding across the state. The Grand Lodge is aiding and assisting their Brothers, their families, and their communities in providing aid and assistance.

Use this Button to Donate to North Carolina

Further information will be made as available. Please keep up to date at MSA's website as well as MSA's Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

Particular information and photos can be sent to MSA at [email protected]

Disaster Appeal For Guatemala

The Fuego Volcano in Guatemala erupted with terrible force on June 3 killing many and burying hundreds more. Volcanic ash has fallen over half of Guatemala where agriculture is crucial. Further eruptions and seismic events are expected.

The Grand Master of Guatemala, Brother Estuardo Ordoñez Kocher, has asked the Masonic Service Association of North America to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal to help his afflicted brethren and their families.He reports that six of over 50 burned children have already been sent to the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas, but, unfortunately, his local resources have been expended.

Please forward any donations you feel appropriate to help in this stricken jurisdiction to MSA.

Use this Button to Donate to Guatemala

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MSA is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.


Masonic Mentoring BrochureNEW!  Masonic Mentoring Guidelines In Clear, Helpful Language

A great, new brochure has been published by the Masonic Service Association that, in simple, understandable words, establishes a sound mentoring program for any Lodge.

Masonic Mentoring explains:

  • Who should be a mentor,
  • What a mentor does,
  • What new members expect, and
  • Tips for being successful.

It is perfect to assist any Lodge candidate-counseling program, or any new member orientation effort.  It is good for members of a candidate committee, or for any individual who may be working with a new member.

Thanks to Bert Bouma, of Montana, author, and to the Grand Lodge of Montana, for permission to republish this material.

You may order Masonic Mentoring now at our Online Store.

Audio Short Talk Bulletin Now Available at NO COST!

Audio Online Library

A new style of subscription for the Short Talk Bulletin, is now available for those who may be visually impaired or just prefer an audio version.

The Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library is now available as a downloadable podcast.

Brother Michael Smith, of Freeport, ME, and Anaba Publishing,has announced that what had only been available through subscription is now a free padcast.

For more information, go to the Short Talk Bulletin Podcast.

For a featured sample, listen to the Short Talk Bulletin August 2018,"Can You See Me Now?" by MW Casey Hood, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.


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