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Emessay Notes November 2014  

Grand Lodge Of Manitoba, Canada Charters A 'Virtual' Lodge

Castle Island Virtual Lodge (CIVL) #190 has been chartered by the Grand Lodge of Manitoba and is listed in the "2014 List of Lodges Masonic."

It is believed to be the first worldwide Masonic virtual lodge, with both audio and visual capabilities.  It meets regularly whenever there is a fifth Monday in a month.

Officers and members follow all the rules and regulations set by its Grand Lodge in opening and closing.  The mission of the virtual Lodge is to give Freemasons of Manitoba and elsewhere, who are not able to attend a Lodge, another method of experiencing Freemasonry using today's technology.

CIVL members welcome visitors from all over the world to join in meetings. They must prove their membership in a Regular Lodge, and have an email address, computer, and headset for voice communications.

The Lodge is committed to Masonic education at each meeting and welcomes discussions.

Thus far, they have had visitors from Florida, Minnesota, Mexico, Scotland, New South Wales, India, and Italy. 

To visit, send a request to Membership Chairman, Brother Nicholas Laine at [email protected], or the Secretary, MW Brother C. Rae Haldane-Wilsone, PGM, at [email protected].

There is no cost to visit, but membership in a duly constituted Lodge from a jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Manitoba must be proven.

'Seasoned' Worshipful Master In Alabama

A special recognition for a brother was made by Grand Master C. Lane Weatherbee during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama in November.

Worshipful Brother Odis Jackson was saluted for being installed as Master of Trimble Lodge #739 on his 97th birthday.  He was born on July 25, 1917.

Are there any other current Worshipful Masters above 90 years of age?

Examples Of Disaster Funds At Work

In September, the Masonic Service Association issued a Disaster Relief Appeal to assist the Gran Logia de Baja California Sur, with headquarters in La Paz, Mexico.  Hurricane Odile had left widespread damage and flooding.

From the initial donations received by MSA and sent to the Grand Lodge, we have received some early reports of how the money is being used.

Brother Valentino Sartev, who has been a liaison between the Gran Logia and MSA, described in several reports what he discovered while dispersing some aid: 

I spent a day in one of the communities today where families have kids sleeping on the floor.  We are buying 25 bed mattresses, sheets, etc. We had the kids copying their feet (tracing the size) on paper sheets, so we can buy shoes for them.  Many haven't been able to go to school for this reason.  They lost everything.


I'm very much concerned in helping the brothers of Lodge "Fieles Obreros" #189 in La Paz.  The Lodge is one of the oldest in the country, more than 140 years.  Part of its roof is literally ripped off and incoming rain is damaging the whole lodge.  The walls of the Lodge are covered with many paintings and need to be rescued.


It is true happiness to see how sharing disaster funds from MSA made another positive change in someone's life.  A widow woman, who last Christmas lost her husband, who was a brother of a 33rd Degree Mason, suffered a huge loss on her property.  Half of the house was literally eaten by the hurricane. The construction that has remained contains two little bedrooms and a bath. Beds and other furniture were destroyed; clothes and more things were sucked through the windows by the winds. She is being helped to put the house back together by the brothers and family and today we donated bed mattresses, sheets, pillows, a front door, bed covers, towels and beds. This woman also is taking care of the two kids of her daughter, who passed away a couple of years ago.


Disaster Relief

Young feet being measured for shoes


What the La Paz Lodge looked like before hurricane.




Disaster Relief

The house of a widow

Eagle Scout Recognition

Several times each year, the Masonic Service Association is asked to write a letter of congratulations for a young man who has earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America.

MSA responds with a congratulatory letter, acknowledging the Scouter's Eagle Scout Project and other achievements he has made.

The requests often come from groups or individuals who are not Masonic in nature.   The letter always ends with this sentence:  "Like the Boys Scouts, the Masonic Fraternity is composed of men who admire and support those who also believe in patriotism, leadership, and moral integrity.


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